Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

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My rage was slowly fading. The feel of Willa in my arms was enough to calm me down for the most part. The scent of her hair was helping. The way she was shivering at my touch was making my blood start to boil for an entirely different reason.
I heard Bash getting everyone toward the front of the bar and knew we would be alone soon. I wasn’t sure if it was because he was pissed off at Murphy himself or if he wanted to give Willa and me some privacy. I didn’t care one way or another. All I knew was that no one would see us in a minute and I was about to fuck Willa against the closest wall.
That’s the way it had always been with us. The smallest spark and we would be insatiable for each other. Clothes would get ripped off, things would get broken, in our rush to become part of each other. I was surprised I had lasted this long, but I hadn’t had her in my arms until now. Hadn’t had the scent that was so uniquely her invading my every sense, making my dick hard and straining against the confines of my zipper.
Pressing a kiss to the top of her head, I glanced around and saw that we were completely alone back here now. Lifting her effortlessly, I moved until she was pinned against the closest wall. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I lowered my head, devouring her lips before she could protest my kiss. At the first touch of my mouth on hers she stiffened, her hands pushing against my chest. Flicking my tongue over her bottom lip caused her to gasp and I thrust deep, putting an end to all protests as she started kissing me back.
I didn’t remember how I got her jeans down, was barely thinking before I was ripping her panties off. Without bothering with getting my own jeans down, I freed my dick and pushed into her in one long, deep thrust. She made a whimpering noise that I greedily swallowed as I masked my own roar of relief at how tight she was. She was just as tight as I remembered. Just as hot and wet for me. I didn’t move again until her nails started raking down my back, wordlessly urging me on as I continued to drink up her kisses.
Finally I ended the kiss and pulled out a few inches. Her eyes were on fire and I watched as they nearly rolled back in her head as I thrust forward hard. Even, white teeth bit into her bottom lip to keep her cries of pleasure at bay. It was also the sign I was hoping for. The one that always told me she was close. Increasing my pace Willa’s hands left my shoulders to rub over my smooth head and I became lost. Her soft touch on my sensitive skin was my undoing and I began thrusting hard and fast, just as she knew I would.
Willa buried her face in my chest, trying to muffle her screams as her inner muscles started to clench around my cock. I stopped. Went completely still inside of her as her release started building. The feel of her heat convulsing around me was going to take me right over the edge into a wonderland only this woman had ever taken me to.
In the next moment I saw stars and had to lock my knees so that I wouldn’t fall and drop her in the process. It had never been this good. Never. Not before Willa and certainly not after. The few women I’d had in the last four years had been few and far between. All of them just a means to an end, to get me off so that I could try and get Willa out of my head. It had never worked and I had finally given up. The guilt I had felt after each encounter left me feeling as if I had committed adultery, eating me alive for weeks afterwards.
Gasping, trying to catch my breath, I finally raised my head to look down at her. She was struggling to get air as much as I was. Part of me was terrified that she was going to look at me with hate and disgust as she had when she first came to Creswell Springs. I deserved her disgust with the way I was unable to control myself when it came to her.
Instead of the disgust or even the hate, I was surprised to find her smiling. I blinked, thinking I was dreaming. “Hi,” she whispered, her head falling back against the wall behind her.
“Hey.” I took a chance and kissed the tip of her nose. “You okay?”
“My memory is really bad. I’d forgotten how good it really was with us.” She bit her lip again, making my dick hard all over again. As I was still inside of her she felt it and her legs tightened around my waist, encouraging me to take her again. The thought alone held promises, but I couldn’t do that to her twice. Anyone could walk back here and see us like this. See her like this. I’d already beat the shit out of one fucker. I didn’t want to have to do it again.
“Let’s get out of here.” I kissed her chin, her cheeks, and then her forehead. “Go back to my place.”
Her eyes clouded over and she hesitated, as if thinking of a reason not to leave with me. After a long moment in which I held my breath until she gave me her answer, Willa finally nodded. “Okay… But this doesn’t mean anything, Spider. It’s just sex.”
My jaw clenched and I gritted my teeth. This wasn’t just sex. It was so much more. Maybe even more than it had been back in Vegas four years ago. Still, I wasn’t going to argue with her right here and now. There was plenty of time to change her mind. To tell her the truth about that last night in Vegas.
To tell her what I should have told her that night so many years ago. That I loved her.
After helping her pull her jeans back up and then finding the destroyed panties I had torn off of her, I grabbed her hand and tugged her out the emergency exit. Everyone in the bar knew what we had been doing back here, and if by some miracle they didn’t then they would as soon as they saw Willa’s face. Her ponytail was falling, her face flushed, her eyes at half-mast from her orgasm.
When we got to my bike her face lit up when I handed her my helmet. In Vegas she had told me countless times she wanted to ride with me. We had never gotten the chance; something I had always regretted. I’d wanted the feel of her riding behind me. I’d wanted to have that memory. Now I would.
Getting on, I started my hog before offering my hand to help her on behind me. When her hands wrapped around my waist I closed my eyes, savoring this moment for a few seconds. My dick grew harder and I grinned, wondering how quickly I could get us back to my place without killing us in the process.
Chapter 12
The vibrating of the bike was doing things to my already sensitized body. Pressed up against Spider’s back wasn’t helping. My heart was racing with a mixture of adrenaline, excitement, and pure, raw lust. I’d always wanted to ride with Spider and no one else. Never once had I wondered what it would be like to ride behind Bash. Not even for a second had I thought about even asking my father to take me for a ride on his own hog.
Only with Spider.
Now that I was getting what I’d always fantasized about, I was finding it harder to control myself than I’d imagined. My hands tightened around his lean waist as I pushed my face into his back, inhaling the night air mixed with one hundred percent all male. I felt his growl more than heard it and it made the jeans he had helped me fix less than five minutes ago soaking wet.
The bike increased in speed and I tossed my head back, enjoying the ride wholeheartedly. I felt free. Alive.
Moments later the bike slowed and then Spider was stopping altogether. I glanced up at the apartment building. It had once been a motel, and while the bottom floor still was, the top had been converted. It wasn’t disgusting to look at, but I could tell that some dangerous people probably lived here. I was clinging to the most dangerous of them all…
Offering me his hand, Spider helped me off the bike before getting off himself. I didn’t have time to start for the stairs before he grabbed me around the waist and tossed me over his shoulder. A squeal escaped me and I laughed as he took the stairs to the second floor three at a time. When he stopped in front of the corner apartment Spider paused long enough to unlock his door before carrying me inside.
Four large steps later and I was being tossed onto the bed, long artistic fingers already working on the top button of my jeans. My clit throbbed at the promise that the only man who it had ever wanted touching, sucking, biting it was going to do just that and soon. When the zipper got stuck Spider growled like the demon he had turned into and jerked until the zip
per broke. Less than a second later the jeans went flying over his shoulder.