Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

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His eyes lit up for a second and then he saw that this wasn’t exactly happy news for me to share with him. “I thought you and Bash were working things out? Is he messing around? Do you want me to put a hit on him?”
That he was serious about actually having a price put on Bash’s head even though Bash was the new Angel’s Halo president scared me a little. “No!” I quickly told him while eyeing the guard who was standing a few yards away watching us. “No, he isn’t cheating on me. Please don’t do anything stupid like that, Jet.”
“Then why are you here Raven? Why are you so upset about being pregnant? You love Bash, I know you do. You have from the time you were fifteen…” I gave a surprised gasp and he laughed. “I knew, Raven. I knew the whole time you and Bash were sneaking around. It didn’t bother me. But when it came out I had no choice but to dole out the punishment.”
“You could have killed him.” I glared at him now, angry all over again that he had hurt Bash so badly. If he had known then why had he put Bash in the ICU? “I begged and begged you not to hurt him.” Why hadn’t he done it sooner..?
He sighed and ran a hand over his face. “There was no getting around that, Rave. The entire club would have rebelled if I hadn’t. But I did do it all myself. If Hawk, Raider and Colt had gotten in on it then he would have died. Colt and Raider would have ripped his head off.”
My anger burned out and I wanted to do nothing more than to crawl onto his lap and let my brother hold me. He really did love me more than the MC, just like I had thought all along. That wasn’t exactly the case when it came to my other three brothers. Jet reached out, causing the chains holding his wrists together to clang on the table between us as he cupped my cheek. “So, why aren’t you happy about having my niece or nephew, Raven?”
“Bash tricked me. He got me pregnant and I had no say in it. I’m not ready for a baby. Things are complicated enough as it is without adding another kid to the craziness.” I sighed and shook my head. “I don’t know what to do.”
Jet raised a brow, an odd expression on his face. “He tricked you? How the fuck did he trick you?”
“He didn’t use protection. In the past he was always so responsible and I trusted him to be this time around. But he never did.” My brother rolled his eyes. I frowned. He actually rolled his eyes at me. “What?” I demanded.
“Really, Raven? He tricked you? Don’t you think you let him trick you?” I opened my mouth, determined to defend myself, but closed it just as quickly. Was he right? I hadn’t said anything after that first time. I’d known that he hadn’t used anything but had remained silent. Every time after I’d known he hadn’t been using protection. I could have said something then, told him that I wasn’t ready for a baby… “After the first time you had to have realized he was doing it on purpose. If you really wanted to keep from getting pregnant you would have spoken up. That you didn’t tells me that you didn’t really mind if you got pregnant. Maybe you wanted it just as much as he obviously does.”
Jet was repeating everything that was running though my head. “No…” I tried to deny, but it was weak even to my ears.
He grinned, making him look younger and less tired. “Yes, sweetheart. Admit it, Raven. You really are happy about this baby. Say it.” I shook my head as I fought tears, not sure if they were sad, angry tears or happy tears now. “Say it, Raven Anne.”
“I really do want this baby…” His hand on my jaw gave a little squeeze and a tear spilled over. “I’m happy about this baby.”
Saying the words out loud eased the pressure on my chest and I closed my eyes as I savored the free feeling admitting it caused. This was why I had needed to see Jet. So he would give it to me straight, make me see what I was refusing to see. Opening my eyes I turned my head and kissed his hand. “I love you.”
His face tightened with emotion. “Love you, too.”
Chapter 10
I stood at the fridge, deciding if I wanted yet another beer or a can of Coke. I’d been back at the Hannigans’ house since midnight the night before when I’d had to cry defeat and return without Raven.
I’d ridden for fifty miles in every direction with no sign of Raven or her car. Since then Bash had been going crazy and no one except for Lexa had gotten any sleep last night.
Bash was sitting at the kitchen table when I turned around with the Coke in hand. He looked like pure hell with his hair a tangled mess from running his fingers through it all night. His face was gray and his hands were still shaking. If Raven didn’t come home soon Bash was going to lose it and I doubted there was anything I would be able to do to contain the explosion.
Thankfully Gracie had taken Lexa out for the day to keep her away from the tension in the house. The three-year-old had been upset by the fact that Raven hadn’t been around to tuck her into bed the night before. That on top of the tension radiating off her father was enough to make Lexa anxious.
Raven’s brothers were out searching for her today and hadn’t checked in at all. Bash had wanted to go too but he had been in no shape to ride so I had stayed behind to help Willa in case Bash jumped off the deep end. With darkness starting to fall I knew that it wouldn’t be long before it happened unless Raven was either found or walked through the door.
Willa, who was standing at the stove cooking dinner, shot me a concerned look and I shrugged. She gave me a grim little smile and I was so glad that it wasn’t a ‘fuck off’ glare that I smiled back. “Are you hungry? Dinner is almost ready.”
I hadn’t eaten more than a sandwich all day. My stomach was in knots worried about Raven. Running away wasn’t like her at all. I knew that she just needed time to clear her head and then she would be back, but I couldn’t handle the not knowing where she was. “Sure, baby. I could eat.”
She didn’t call me on my ‘baby’ slip and I took that as a good sign as I leaned against the counter beside the stove where she was making the spaghetti that Raven had promised me yesterday. From the looks of things dinner was nearly done and my stomach growled at the sight of simmering tomato sauce. The kitchen was filled with the scents of the mouthwatering sauce along with crispy garlic bread in the oven.
“That smells amazing,” I took another drink from the can of Coke and leaned closer, trying to breathe in her unique scent over the garlic and Italian herbs. She stilled as I put a hand on her hip but didn’t immediately move away. This close to her, my dick was hard as a rock. “I didn’t know you could cook like this.”
Willa bit her lip and raised her eyes to mine. I saw the desire burning low in her eyes, knew that it wouldn’t take much to seduce her back into my bed. That’s where I had wanted her for the last four years and once I got her there I wasn’t likely to let her out of it ever again. I moved a little closer and her breath hitched.
It didn’t matter that Bash was in the room. He was off in his own little personal hell. I needed to taste her lips again. Find out if she tasted as addictive as she had four years ago. I lowered my head, my gaze locked on her lips. I could feel the heat from her breath on my cheek. Her teeth released her plump lower lip and I thought I actually heard the pounding of her heart—or maybe that was my own I was hearing.
“Willa…” I breathed her name, about to take what I wanted…
The ringing of the house phone made her jump and whatever spell she had been under seemed to evaporate before my eyes as those gray eyes turned cloudy. The next ring had her reaching for the cordless on the counter behind her. “H-hello?”