Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

Page 17

My eyes narrowed as I turned my gaze on Spider. He was glaring at me as he tossed back another shot. “Go fuck one of the sheep, Spider. It’s what you do best.”
He flinched as if I had slapped him, but just swallowed another shot. It felt like the hundredth time tonight—maybe even in the two hundred range—but I rolled my eyes again. Damn it, he was turning me into a juvenile. This whole bar was. It felt like I was twelve instead of almost twenty-two.
“Should I leave?” Bash asked, taking a second shot of the Patrón. “I mean, if you two are going to have angry sex—which is really hot, by the way—then I don’t wanna be around for that shit. You’re like my sister, Willa. Seeing you naked is just wrong.”
I shot him the finger. “Shut up. I’m not going to have sex with him in a crowded bar…” I broke off when I realized the way that sounded. I could feel my cheeks turning pink as my face grew hot. “I don’t want to have sex with him period,” I corrected, silently cursing myself.
The bottle of Patrón was now more than a third empty, but it didn’t seem to be affecting Spider. He zeroed in on my blush and if I hadn’t been looking at him I would have sworn that there was an animal growling outside. There wasn’t; the animal was sitting across from me at the booth and he was growling in a way I remembered all too well. The sound went straight to the center of my desire and I had to cross my legs as my panties grew damp.
“Your hard nipples would suggest otherwise,” Spider assured me as he pushed the bottle of tequila away and leaned forward so he could get a closer look. “And the pulse almost pulsing at the base of your throat… Yeah, that confirms it.”
My face turned redder and I stood quickly. “Whatever. I have work to do.”
Neither attempted to stop me, but I heard Bash chuckling and increased my steps. I could feel the heat coming off my face and knew that it was going to take a few minutes at least before the blush left my face. Damn, it wasn’t like I was a virgin. I shouldn’t be able to blush like this anymore. Of course, a voice in the back of my mind reminded me, it was because of Spider that I reacted liked that. Any other man and I would have been able to walk away, cool and non-pink.
My head was killing me when I woke up. Nearly an entire bottle of Patrón had been my only dinner last night, my meal of choice these days. Raven was going to kick my ass when she found out and there was little doubt that it would get back to her. I was just waiting on her to call or drop by. Or send one of her brothers over to drag my ass to her house so she could cram food down my throat until I was too full to think about alcohol.
After nearly a month of poisoning my system with good tequila I was ready to ease up on the drinking. Especially after what I had found out last night.
My body tightened as I remembered that cute blush that had filled Willa’s face and then spread lower, disappearing down her shirt. I knew from firsthand experience that the blush would be all over her body. That she was still able to blush told me she hadn’t been spending the four years we had been apart screwing everything with a dick. When I had realized that she still wanted me, all the tequila I had inhaled just minutes before had seemed to evaporate and the little buzz that I’d had going on had completely deserted me. The sight of her nipples pressed so tight and hard against her bra and outlined by the tight work shirt she had been wearing had sobered me up.
The rest of the night I had sat with Bash and watched as Willa worked. When guys would stop her to talk to her, most likely asking for a drink, I would have to swallow a few more shots to keep from going over and punching my MC brother’s teeth down his throat. By the time Bash had been ready to leave I’d been completely wasted and he’d had to call Hawk to take me home.
Cursing, I crawled out of bed and headed for the shower. By the way the sun was shining through the closed drapes in the bedroom/living room I could tell it was somewhere around midafternoon. It was Sunday and I had the day off, but there were things I needed to take care of.
Thankfully Bash had had someone drop my bike off so an hour later I turned my bike off in the Hannigans’ driveway and sat on my hog for a few minutes staring up at the huge house that was currently under renovations. Uncle Chaz’s construction boys were building on two more bedrooms to the already six-bedroomed house.
A movement at the front of the house caught my attention and I found Lexa standing in the now open doorway. The sight of my best friend’s daughter made me grin. Damn, she looked just like her father and was almost breathtakingly beautiful. Long, dark hair, big lightning-fi
lled blue eyes, and a slight tilt to her lips that would one day scare the shit out of boys when she got pissed off at them.
When she noticed that it was me she waved. “Hi, Uncle Spider. Raven, Raven. It’s Uncle Spider.”
A moment later Raven filled the doorway, lifting Lexa onto her hip. “I told you not to open the door without telling someone first, Lexa,” she gently scolded. “It isn’t safe for pretty babies to do that.”
“Sorry. I won’t do it again,” Lexa promised.
Raven kissed the top of the little girl’s head before turning her eyes on me. “Hey stranger,” she called out, a smile making her face shine even though it didn’t quite reach her eyes.
I climbed off the bike and walked toward her. “Hey, beautiful.” I pulled her and Lexa both into my arms for a tight hug.
After only a minute she pulled back, frowning up at me. “You’ve lost some weight. Are you still drinking your dinner?” I didn’t like lying to Raven, so I remained quiet. She glared up at me. “Come in and I’ll fix you something to eat.”
My stomach was growling for what felt like the first time in forever and I didn’t even attempt to stop her as I followed her inside and shut the door behind me. In the kitchen she placed Lexa in a chair at the huge breakfast table before moving to the fridge. “It’s too early for dinner—which you are staying for by the way. What would you like: ham or turkey?”
I took off my cut and hung it off one of the dining chairs before sitting down. “Both.”
Five minutes later two monstrous sandwiches with a large bag of Munchies were placed in front of me. A glass of milk was put in front of both me and Lexa and I grinned over at the little girl as I picked up my glass. “Cheers, Lexa.”
She giggled and tapped her plastic cup to my glass one. “Cheers, Uncle Spider.”
After I had inhaled the first sandwich I realized that the house sounded quieter than normal. With Raven, three of her four brothers, Gracie Morgan, Willa, Bash and Lexa living here this place was rarely this quiet unless they weren’t around. “Where is everyone?”