Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

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Tonight I was hoping to keep his attention more on me than Norman Reedus. I showered and shaved everything that a girl should keep shaved—especially when she was going to seduce the man she had fallen head-over-heels for. My hands trembled with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation. I was aching for his hands on my body, his lips on mine. I craved the feel of his hot, hard body under my fingertips.
I dried my hair and straightened it, then put on more makeup than I normally would have. My eyes looked huge and wild, my lips pouty and kissable. The nightgown I put on was sheer and white, highlighting the fact that all I had on under it was a pair of silky white panties and nothing else. My breasts were nearly spilling out of the low cut top, and the rosy color of my nipples—hard and throbbing at just the thought of Spider seeing me like this—was easily seen through the sheer material.
When I was satisfied that I looked sexy I pulled a bulky sleep shirt on over top and a pair of my track shorts. Only a few Red Dragons were hanging around downstairs, playing pool. I kept to the shadows like I had become accustomed to doing on my nightly treks to Spider’s room. His door was unlocked and I entered his room without knocking.
The shower was running and I quickly got rid of my nightshirt and shorts, but when I stood there in the middle of his bedroom dressed in my nightgown my nerves took over. What if he just wanted to be my friend and nothing more? What if I had read the signs all wrong and he really didn’t want me after all? What if he sent me back to my room and never spoke to me again? What if…
The bathroom door suddenly opened and all the ‘what if’ scenarios vanished from my mind as my brain shut down. My eyes started at his feet, huge and masculine, and traveled north without asking permission from my head. His long, thickly muscled legs were damp from the shower. I licked my lips as all the moisture left my mouth and traveled to that aching secret spot between my legs, making my silky panties uncomfortably damp. Who knew that calves could be so sexy?
As my gaze traveled slowly higher I was unable to contain the gasp that escaped my lips as I discovered his very large, very beautiful cock hanging free and hard. It wasn’t the first time I had seen it as I’d been unable not to look at that perfect piece of maleness the night I had come here for the first time. But now I was unable to look away in embarrassment. I looked my fill, taking in the bulging veins that seemed to pulse with every beat of his heart. It was pink as if flushed with heat as hot as the heat that was starting to consume me.
I bit my lip to keep from moaning and finally forced my eyes higher. Water trailed down his chiseled abs and I had the sudden craving to taste those droplets of water. The tattoo on his left arm, the brand that was the same as the patch on the back of his cut, caught my attention like it always did and my need to ink my skin increased as I thought of how painfully euphoric it would feel to have Spider marking my skin.
Upward my gaze went until I saw the spider tattoo on his neck. That was when I noticed the change and I stepped back in surprise. He had shaved his head. All that thick, curly hair was gone and I was stuck between the feeling of loss over how much I had loved that hair and how sexy I found his shaved, smooth scalp.
Finally my eyes met his black gaze. Or at least attempted to. His eyes were all over me, eating me alive as he raked me from head to toe in a caressing sweep. Spider’s mouth hung open and he was breathing hard and fast as he took a hesitating step toward me. “You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you? Trying to drive me over the edge until I spontaneously combust from wanting you.”
A small, nervous smile tilted my lips. “Just following your example. I’ve been burning up for days now.”
He choked back a groan and ran a hand over his bare head. My fingers tingled to do the same, to trace over the veins… To lick them. Whoa. I needed to cool my jets or I was going to attack him and start tonguing his scalp. Then he would probably think I was a freak and send me back to my room.
Chapter 4
I was dreaming. That had to be it. Nothing this amazing, this perfect, happened to me in real life.
If I was dreaming that meant that I could do what I had been aching to do from practically the moment I had laid eyes on the beautiful female standing in front of me right now. My eyes didn’t seem to want to leave her body, skimming over her from head to toe in her virginal-colored nightgown that barely covered anything. But it was her perfect tits that I found myself going back to over and over again. Those dusky pink nipples looked ripe and ready for my mouth. I wondered how she would taste. Like the fresh berries I smelled on her skin from time to time? Or would she have her own special taste? Would it be addictive? Would I survive the withdrawals if I did become addicted?
My heart was beating hard, my lungs aching from how fast I was breathing. My dick was throbbing to the beat of my pulse and the tip was damp with the proof of how much I wanted the female standing before me. I’d tried to be strong. Tried to keep my hands, lips… tongue off of her. But whether this really was a dream or not I wasn’t going to be able to stay strong for another second.
Muttering a curse under my breath, I reached for her and lifted her into my arms. Her legs wrapped around my waist after only the slightest of hesitations and her arms clung to my shoulders as I buried my face in her chest. She smelled clean, fresh, sweet. Not like the sheep that had been in the bar tonight as Bash and I had hung out, trying to sniff out the rat. Her skin was warm under my lips as I kisse
d across her collarbone and down between her breasts. Not like the cold flesh that I had carried over my shoulder as Bash helped me bury the body we had tortured for two hours before getting the information we needed.
I shuddered in revulsion at myself. How could I go from burying a man just an hour ago to having this angel in my arms now? Yeah, this had to be a dream. One I desperately needed. Trembling fingers traced over my bare scalp and I groaned at how fucking good her touch felt. I’d gotten blood in my hair tonight and hadn’t been able to get it out even after showering twice. So I’d picked up my trimmer and started shaving. Even then I’d felt like I had that fucker’s blood on me and shaved it smooth before scrubbing my head until my skin ached.
It wasn’t lost on me how insane this job was making me, and it was all because of Willa. Every night I felt more and more unworthy of her. With each beating I helped Bash dish out, with each kill that we had to make, I felt my chance of being with her slipping through my fingers. I was a killer. A monster. How could she stomach me?
Warm, damp lips brushed over my ear and all thoughts of how unworthy I was vanished as my need for her ignited into an inferno that was soul consuming. “I want you, James,” she whispered. The use of my real name made me shudder and I tightened my hold on her. No one ever called me James anymore. Not even my own mother. On Willa’s lips? Nothing had ever sounded sweeter. “Make love to me.”
With a growl full of all my pent up need I dropped down onto the bed behind me with her still in my arms. She straddled my lap, her damp panties rubbing against my hard as steel dick. She made a whimpering sound at the intimate contact, her teeth sinking into my neck roughly. My hold on her ass tightened, spreading her thighs wider as I worked her back and forward against me.
Her tits raked across my chest, her long hair caressing my overheated skin. Her moans filled my room and I wondered for a fleeting moment if the door was locked. But then her nails scraped across my scalp and all thoughts were lost except for how much I wanted her. I grabbed the end of the nightgown and ripped until the material fell away, leaving her in only a pair of little white panties that reminded me how innocent my female was.
Panting, I cupped her damp mound through her panties. So hot, so wet. Two more rips and she was completely naked in my arms. Grasping her arms I pulled her back until I could see all of her. Shit. Oh, shit. I had never set eyes on a more perfect pair of tits. Large enough to fill my big hands with tight tipped nipples the color and size of cherries. I pulled one into my mouth, sucking until she cried out with pleasure. She tasted of honey, sweet and sinful. Releasing her nipple with a smacking pop I turned and took her other nipple deep into my mouth, wanting to give it equal attention.
My hands couldn’t remain still. My left hand tortured her free nipple, pinching and tugging while she threw her head back. Her hands held onto my head, keeping me firmly against her as I sucked harder. My right hand trailed lower, spreading the lips of her pussy and discovering the desire-hardened nub of her clit. She jerked at the first touch of my thumb over her swollen flesh.
“James…” She sobbed my name as a gush of her liquid desire flooded ever my fingers. Damn, she smelled good. Pulling back from her breast, I sucked her essence off my drenched fingers, groaning as her taste burst on my tongue. There was nothing sweeter than the taste of her pussy.
Willa grabbed my hand and pulled it away from my lips. Her gray eyes had darkened to gun metal with desire. “Kiss me,” she commanded. “I’ve been slowly going crazy wondering what it will feel like for you to kiss me.”
I had been avoiding her lips at all costs. I still wasn’t completely sure if this was a dream induced by all the pent up need I had for Willa or if it was real. As good as she felt right now, the heat from her pussy scalding on the head of my dick, told me that it was real. But I was still skeptical. My brain had been known to play cruel jokes on me. If I kissed her, something I had only done with very few women even if I had fucked more than my fair share, I would know if this was real or just a very wet dream.
When she saw the hesitation in my eyes some of the desire in hers lifted. “Don’t…” She bit her full bottom lip that she wanted me to kiss so badly and looked away. “Don’t you want to kiss me, James?”
I grasped her hair with both hands, tightening until her head was pulled back and I forced her to meet my eyes. “Why are you calling me James?” I demanded quietly.