Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

Page 6

“Spider… We have to head out around midnight,” he reminded me, then I heard him stomping away.
“Are you leaving?” She sat up, appearing no longer sleepy.
I shrugged. “We have to take care of a few things.” No way was I going to tell her what we had to do tonight. It wasn’t going to be pretty and I didn’t want her to be scared of me. Beating information out of men wasn’t a pretty sight. Torturing them was even worse. It was a messy job, but it was the only way to get the truth. “It’s only six, though. We can still watch another movie when this is over. If you feel like it.”
She relaxed. “Oh. I thought you were leaving. Going home or something.”
“Not anytime soon, pretty girl.” I reached over and pushed her hair back away from her face. That she was upset at the thought of me leaving made something inside of me twist. The thought of having to leave her when this job was over… It scared the fuck out of me how my stomach knotted up at that thought.
As my fingers skimmed over her cheek I realized I’d made a mistake almost instantly. One small, innocent touch and my body came completely alive. My brain shut down and a different head took over. Her skin was so smooth. Perfection. My fingers brushed over her jaw and down her neck. I felt her shiver and pulled her toward me. Just one tug and she came of her own free will the rest of the way.
Her left leg wrapped over both of mine, her thigh brushing over my fly and making me grind my teeth at that simple pleasure. Her skin was soft and warm under my touch. Her tank top didn’t offer much protection from my seeking fingers as I outlined her body with my hands. This was dangerous. I was going to die a horrible death if her father found out she was even in my room.
Fuck, I was going to die a happy man…
My conscious was what stopped me. Even as I was slipping my fingers into the top of her shorts, that stupid voice that always told me what was right and wrong started screaming at me. This girl was special. She deserved better than a quick lay before I went out and possibly offed someone.
Her head tipped back. Stormy eyes gazed up at me through thick lashes full of innocence and desire. I knew she was aching for me to kiss her. Fuck, I was aching for me to kiss her. But I knew that as soon as I tasted her it was all going to be over. I was going to have her naked and on her back within minutes as I pushed inside of her.
“H-how old are you, Spider?” she murmured when I just kept looking down at her like the starving man I was.
“Twenty.” I rubbed my nose against hers. It was such an innocent caress, but it made something twist in my chest. “But probably still too old for your daddy’s peace of mind.”
Her hands rubbed over my chest, stroking, caressing. Learning the feel of me. No one had ever touched me like that. I’d never let them. For me, when I let a woman touch me it was about getting off and getting back to business. With Willa I was turning into a pussy, because I really liked this. “So my dad has been keeping you away from me? I don’t understand why. He warned me to not get near you. That you were bad news… But you don’t seem like bad news to me.”
I pulled her closer, tucking her head under my chin so that she couldn’t read my face. I had my suspicions why her father didn’t want her around me. The last time I’d come through Vegas with Bash and a few other of Angel’s Halo I’d been the one who had ended up in Tasha’s bed. One full day was all it had taken me to get my fill of that crazy bitch. Sure it had been fun—in a depraved kind of way. Tasha was into some hardcore kink and had some serious talent in the bedroom. But it had only been about sex. The next morning we had both been bored with each other and she had moved on to another Angel’s Halo member while I had spent the rest of our visit working.
That had been eighteen months ago.
Duke probably thought that if Willa got involved with me, Tasha would have something more to cause trouble with. She most likely would too, but I wasn’t going to let her mess up whatever it was that was between me and the girl lying in my arms right now.
“Your dad is just trying to look out for his baby girl,” I told her after a long pause. “If I had a daughter that looked like you I wouldn’t want her to be with a biker either. I would want her to be with some doctor or something.”
“Too bad for Duke.” She pulled back to look up at me. Willa was smiling and her cheeks were slightly pink. “Unless you suddenly produced a doctor’s license I doubt I would ever want one.”
Time seemed to speed up. Before I knew it another two weeks had gone by, and what an eventful two weeks it was.
I was avoiding my sister—mostly. She tried to drag me into arguments every time we were in the same room for more than two minutes. They were childish arguments that most sisters would have—when they are five. The few that weren’t childish only served to prove that Tasha was batshit crazy. The truth? I was kind of scared of her, but I would never willingly admit that out loud. It would only please Tasha and rev her up more when it came to tormenting me.
Luckily for me someone had always been around when Tasha would start running her
mouth. My dad. Raider. Bash… Spider.
My panties grew damp the minute his name crossed my mind. Over the last two weeks he and I had gotten to know each other pretty well. I knew he had an addiction to Norman Reedus movies, Snickers in any shape or form, and the scent of perfume on my neck. I knew that he would rather be sketching up some new design for a tattoo than almost anything else. He had killer talent and I had already asked him to do my first tattoo. Virgin skin. Virgin girl… Yeah, I wanted him to be my first on both counts. Something I had made no secret of to him.
Only he wasn’t jumping to relieve me of either virginal states.
I knew he wanted me. Felt his erection against my stomach every night as he held me on his bed and we watched movies and season one of The Walking Dead. When his fingers trembled as he stroked them down my arm, I knew he was fighting himself to not touch me other places. When he would get distracted from his favorite parts of a movie by staring at my lips, I could tell he was struggling not to kiss me.
It was all my father’s fault. I knew that Spider wasn’t going to make love to me unless one of two things happened. One, Duke backed off and said it was okay for me to be with Spider. Or two—and the most likely to happen—I seduced the giant biker who was slowly killing me with wanting him so badly.
While I was thinking of ways to do just that, I was also feeling like time was slipping through my fingers. I’d overheard Raider saying last night after dinner that their job would be over soon and they would be going back to Creswell Springs. My heart had cracked a little at hearing that. When Raider left so would Bash and Spider. Bash, I really couldn’t have cared one way or another if he left. He was polite, but he intimidated me. He was just as tall as Spider, but he was wider at the shoulders and so muscular that they seemed to flex with every breath he took. He radiated a feeling of danger when he walked into a room. His blue eyes were always electric, like a lightning storm lived inside of them.
Plus… well, I’d heard him having sex with my sister. That kind of thing kept me from getting too close to him. Sexy as sin he might be, but when I looked at him all I could see was him with Tasha. Nasty.
It was Spider I physically hurt over when I thought of him leaving. I wanted him to stay, for me. I wanted him to take me with him. Maybe it was because it was the first time I had ever felt like this about another human being, but I felt like I was going to fall apart at just the thought of not getting to see him every day. If I couldn’t lay with him in bed after dinner and listen to his heart beating under my ear as we watched Boondock Saints II.