Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

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“So why the change of heart?” she asked, one brow cocked as she turned her head to watch me.
I thrust my hands into the pockets of my jeans and shrugged. “We can talk about that later. So do you want to hang out or not? I’ve got some DVDs in my
room. A few of my favorite movies. We could watch them.”
She just stood there for a long while and I was starting to second guess my decision to talk to her at all when she finally nodded her head. “I need to shower first. Leave your door cracked and I’ll come over when I’m done.”
“Don’t let anyone see you. I’m not supposed to even look at you, Willa…”
Stormy gray eyes narrowed. “So that’s why? My dad doesn’t want you near me?” I blew out a frustrated breath and nodded. Her face relaxed and she smiled. “Okay, then. This is our secret.”
I was a dead man.
Chapter 3
I needed a shower in the worst way.
Since getting to Vegas it felt like I was showering every time I came inside from the heat. I took my time, making sure I wouldn’t embarrass myself by being alone with Willa for a long period of time. It was her face I saw as I closed my eyes and stroked myself. Jaw clenched I tried to contain the groan that was shredding my throat to be released.
I’d left my door cracked open, but thought I would have had more time to get dressed before she came to me. So when I walked out of the bathroom with just a towel around my waist I was surprised to see her sitting on the edge of my bed with my collection of favorite movies spread out around her.
“Hey, this is my favorite!” She raised her head with the DVD of The Boondock Saints in her hand. When her gray eyes saw my damp, bare chest she turned a pretty shade of pink but didn’t look away.
It didn’t seem to matter that I had just gotten off in the shower. My body had gone rock hard as soon as I’d seen her. The towel around me tented outward, letting her see just how affected I was by her nearness. But if I was expecting her to be embarrassed by my reaction to her, I was completely wrong—and it only made my body harder with need for her.
As her gaze skimmed over me, caressing me with those storm cloud eyes, I reacted as if she had physically touched me. My breathing turned into harsh pants as I stood there and let her look to her heart’s content. I nearly groaned out loud when her tongue snuck out of her bee stung mouth and licked her bottom lip while her eyes drank in the sight of water glistening off my abdomen. When she got to the towel and saw how affected I was, she made a little mewling sound in the back of her throat and finally looked away.
“Sorry,” she murmured. “I didn’t realize… Sorry.”
Chuckling—because it was either laugh or cry with need at that point—I reached for the T-shirt I’d left on my bed and pulled it over my still damp chest. Figuring she had seen all of me anyway, I let the towel drop and pulled on boxers and clean jeans. I heard the hitch in her breathing but didn’t look at her until I had the jeans buttoned and zipped. “So you’re a Norman Reedus fan?”
“More a Sean Patrick Flanery fan.”
I dropped down on the edge of the bed beside her, trying to keep some space between us because I wasn’t as strong as I was trying to tell myself I was. If I so much as touched her knee I was going to be all over her. It didn’t matter that she was only seventeen or that she was Duke Blackstone’s daughter. That whole hand’s off rule? Fuck that shit.
“Wanna watch it?” I asked, taking the DVD from her.
Willa nodded. “Yeah. If you don’t care.” I stood and turned on the flat screen along with the DVD player. After putting the movie in I popped some popcorn in the little microwave that was in the corner of my bedroom. This wasn’t that much different from my apartment back in Creswell Springs, so I felt right at home.
Willa didn’t seem to have a problem taking over my room. She scooted back against the pillows and lay down, snuggling under the blanket I took everywhere with me. Bash gave me hell about that blanket, but I didn’t give a shit. I couldn’t sleep without that damn thing. I handed her the bag of popcorn and a can of Pepsi that one of the sheep kept stocking in the mini fridge.
Once she appeared to be comfortable I turned off the lights, made sure the door was locked, and climbed onto the bed with her. It was a good thing I’d seen the movie a hundred times before, because my attention turned to shit with her beside me. Every inhale I took was full of her clean, slightly floral scent. Every exhale made me aware that I was still rock hard and that jeans were not friends with a hard dick.
“Got any chocolate?” Willa asked halfway through the movie.
I opened the drawer of the bedside table and pulled out the bag of mini Snickers. My only addiction. She made a happy sound and started in on my stash. Chuckling, I snagged a few and popped one into my mouth. Seriously, the best invention known to man.
The movie ended and Willa already had another one ready to be put in. Blade II. Yeah, I was a huge Norman Reedus fan. I had The Boondock Saints II as well as Messengers 2, Red Canyon, A Crime, and The Beatnicks. I didn’t go on a run without those movies.
Five minutes into the movie, Bash hammered his fist on my locked door. “Hey, man. Dinner.”
I glanced over at Willa. “You hungry?”
“Not even a little. You’ve filled me up with popcorn and chocolate.” She yawned, snuggling deeper into my pillows. “You can go though.”
No way was I going to miss a second of her in my bed. “Not hungry,” I yelled at Bash through the door.