Claiming Christmas

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I stagger back with a gasp at the sight of the engagement ring sitting inside the small box. Covering my gaping mouth with my hand, I stare at him with wide eyes.
Connor looks up at me, and the raw emotion in his eyes robs me of breath and turns my insides to goo. "I love you with all my heart. Being away from you for the last few weeks has been torture. I don’t ever want us to be apart again. Will you marry me, Jess?"
Tears well and spill over, and all I can do is nod. Connor stands and slips the ring onto my finger before pulling me in for a blistering kiss that has my toes curling up in my boots. When he finally lets me up for air, we’re both disheveled and breathing heavily. I let out another embarrassing squeal as he swings me up in his arms.
“What are you doing?” I laugh, wrapping my arms around his neck.
“Taking my fiancée to bed so I can show her how much I love her, how much I’ve missed her,” he mutters, dropping a quick kiss on my mouth.
“But I have to get back to work. Drayton needs the file I dropped on the living room floor.”
Connor grins. “No, he doesn’t.”
I narrow my eyes on him suspiciously. “Oh?”
“Drayton isn’t expecting us back at work until after Christmas,” he explains.
The penny drops. “Drayton knew you were planning to propose?”
Connor nods. “I called him yesterday to tell him I was on my way back and ask him for a favor. He was only too happy to help, seeing as he’s planning a proposal of his own.”
“He’s going to ask Daisy to marry him?” I ask excitedly, and Connor nods again. “He never mentioned a thing earlier. My God, you men, and your evil plotting.”
Connor leers at me as he tosses me onto his large bed. “Plotting my way into your panties, baby. What Christmas delight are you wearing today?” he asks, tugging off my boots and yanking my pants down my legs. “Gingerbread men, huh? You trying to make me jealous?”
I snort with laughter. “Calm down, honey. They’re not real men.”
Connor growls as he hooks his thumbs into the waistband and rips them from my body. He brings them to his nose, inhaling deeply.
“Holy shit, that was hot,” I pant, my body immediately on fire for him.
“God, I’ve missed you, baby. Missed this gorgeous body,” he mutters, his eyes on my glistening pussy. “But most of all, I’ve missed your beautiful smile and the way you make me feel. I’ve never met anyone like you, Jess. You give me a sense of peace and belonging I’ve never had before.”
“I missed you so much, it hurt,” I whisper through a throat thick with tears.
“I’m back now, baby. And the next time we go anywhere, it’ll be together.”
“Good,” I nod. “Now, please get your clothes off and get inside me. I need you!”
Connor doesn’t need to be asked twice. Our clothes come off in record time, and then he’s lowering himself on top of me, skin to skin, heart to heart. His fingers immediately find my pussy, opening me up to the sheer magic of his touch.
“Jesus, sweetheart. You’re so wet for me,” he grunts, flicking his finger across my clit.
I cry out, desperate to have him inside me. Reaching between us, I grab his cock and guide him to my entrance. “Please, Connor! I need you so badly. I want you to fuck me hard.”
My words seem to unleash a primitive part of him, and he surges inside me with one powerful thrust. He always stretches me to a point just shy of pain, and we both cry out as he seats himself deep inside me. He’s home. Right where he belongs.
He flips us over, so I’m straddling him, giving control over to me. I ride him like a woman possessed, fucking myself on his thick cock.
“Goddamn, woman. Look at you!” he grunts, watching my breasts bounce up and down as I move on him. “Fucking gorgeous.”
He keeps talking to me, telling me how amazing I am, how lucky he is, that I’m his everything. It only takes seconds before my orgasm slams into me, and I scream my release as my pussy locks down on him.
Connor is right behind me, shouting as he tumbles over the edge and shoots me full of his sticky cum.
“Fuck…oh, fuck, Jess!” he grunts, his hands clamping down on my hips as he empties himself inside me.
I collapse onto his chest, sweaty and breathless, wriggling my hips as little aftershocks pulse through me.
“You’re mine,” I whisper against his chest.
“Always, sweetheart.”
I smile against his chest and fall into a blissful sleep. In two days, it will be Christmas. The best one ever.