Claiming Christmas

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Chapter Five
I hum in approval as Connor wraps an arm around me from behind and cups my breast. He feathers kisses across my shoulders and down the back of my neck. He presses his hard cock against my ass, and my pussy throbs in response, even though it’s had quite the workout over the last two days.
I roll to face him, tugging his head toward mine and kissing him deeply. “Morning, hot stuff.”
“Morning, beautiful,” he grins. He looks younger. Lighter. Like a heavy burden has been lifted from his shoulders.
Once the storm unleashed its heavy load outside, one night became two, secluding us in our private little world. We ate junk food and laughed and talked for hours. I found myself sharing things with Connor I’ve never shared with anyone else. How devastated I was when my dad died from cancer when I was seven. How it was just my mom and me until two years ago when she moved to Miami to care for my grandma, who has dementia.
Ironically, Connor also lost his dad at an early age, a tragic coincidence that further cemented the bond between us. He talked about his sister, Rosie, and it was clear to see how much he loves her. Seeing his love for his family just made me fall in love with him a little more.
By some miracle, there weren’t any major incidents. Drayton called early yesterday morning, asking if I could look up a phone number for Chloe Jenkins. She threw her daughter, Daisy, out of the house in the middle of the storm. Luckily, Drayton was on hand to rescue Daisy from her car before she froze to death but knew that Daisy would want to check on her mom—who was hungover but fine when I called.
Daisy is a sweetheart and took over the barmaid job at The Hideaway to help keep a roof over her mom’s head. It’s the worst-kept secret in town that Chloe Jenkins is an alcoholic. It’s why Daisy returned to Garland a few months ago—a seemingly futile attempt to get her mother back on the straight and narrow.
“What time is it?” I ask, snuggling into Connor’s warm body beneath the blankets. My makeshift picnic area has doubled as a makeshift bed for the last two nights.
“Almost six,” Connor replies, smoothing his hands down my bare back.
“I guess we should get dressed,” I sigh, reluctant to leave this little slice of heaven. The doubts are already starting to creep in. Will Connor still feel the same once we’re back in the real world? Or will it be business as usual?
Connor tilts my chin up, so I’m looking at him. “I can see those cogs turning in your brain. What’s up?”
My smile is a little wobbly. “Just wondering how this is going to work once we get back to reality,” I say, waving a finger between us.
He frowns. “Because we work together?”
I nod. “That and…will you still want me, you know, in the cold light of day, so to speak?”
Connor’s mouth tightens in what I’ve already come to recognize as suppressed frustration. “Sweetheart, I thought I made my feelings clear over the last few days. Every time I kissed you. Every time I touched you. Every time I buried myself inside you and watched you come. These last two days have been everything, Jess, because you’re everything.”
“Ah, crap. Now you’ve made me cry again,” I sniff, wiping away the tears that trickle down my cheeks. “I love you, Connor. So much.”
He kisses me tenderly. “I love you, too, baby.”
I wrap my arms around him, allowing his words to sink in and heal some of the damage inflicted by my ex. Connor’s right. So long as there’s love, we can face anything.
Four hours later, the pathways around the station have been cleared. The snowplows have been clearing the roads, and things are beginning to get back to normal after the storm.
Connor and I make it to mid-morning before he manhandles me into the small staff room and backs me up against the wall, kissing me as if he hasn’t seen me for weeks.
Sadly, our interlude is short-lived when the door opens, and we jump apart guiltily. Drayton comes to an abrupt halt, his gaze moving between the two of us suspiciously.
"Oh! Hey, boss!" Connor says casually, turning away to hide his obvious erection.
"I—It’s not what it seems like," I stutter, nervousness biting at my insides. "I, uh, had something in my eye, and Connor was just checking it for me."
I had something in my eye? Really?
"Didn’t realize an eye examination involved both of your tongues. And I sure as hell hope it is what it looks like because you two have been dancing around each other for months," Drayton says, his mouth twitching with a suppressed smile
I open my mouth to reply, but Drayton continues.
"When Connor has finished checking your eye, perhaps you could look over the report that I’m about to email you."
I nod my head so fast, I almost give myself whiplash. Cheeks burning, I leave the room and make a beeline for my desk.