Claiming Christmas

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“I’m clean, baby. Haven’t been with anyone for, Christ, for about ten fucking years,” I admit, feeling embarrassed color hit my cheeks.
Jess’s eyes widen in shock.
“You’re it for me. I love you, Jess,” I whisper against her soft lips. “I didn’t know falling in love could happen so fucking fast. But I think it happened the first time you walked into my office with a mug of coffee and that big smile of yours. The one that lights up the whole fucking building.”
Her beautiful eyes meet mine, her lashes wet with her tears. “I love you, too, Connor. Have done since I first clapped eyes on your manly chest and bulging biceps.”
I burst out laughing. “God, you’re precious! I’ve never met anyone like you.”
“Then it’s about time you made me yours, Connor,” she whispers, a tear rolling from the corner of her eye.
I kiss it away. I intend to spend the rest of my life kissing her tears away, only I hope any future tears will be happy ones.
I claim her mouth in a kiss, trying to convey the depth of my emotions as I slide inside her with one firm thrust. "Jesus, baby. You’re so fucking tight," I grunt, forcing myself to hold still.
“Give me a second. You’re big,” she chokes, sucking in a breath and tightening her fingers around mine.
“Just breathe, baby,” I whisper, sliding my nose along hers and feathering kisses across her face. “You feel amazing, Jess. I’m never letting you go, you hear me? You’re mine, and I’m yours.”
“That’s good because I’m not giving you back,” she vows, her eyes shiny with emotion. She moves beneath me experimentally, and we both groan. “Feels…amazing. Please, move, Connor!”
I tilt my hips forward, sinking into her even more deeply. She moans, and I release her hands to plant mine beside her and brace my weight. We’re made to fit together. She squeezes me so perfectly, warm and wet and tight.
Jess presses her head back into the blankets as I surge into her, picking up my pace. I hook a hand under her knee and lift her leg around my waist so I can go deeper, bottoming out inside her.
“God, so good…so good!” I grunt, pounding into her now.
This is our first time together. I should be taking it easy, drawing it out, but when she cries out and grabs my ass to pull me closer, any semblance of control I had shatters.
I look down as our bodies come together, hardness disappearing into softness. Sexiest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen, apart from watching her come on my mouth earlier. My balls slap her ass, and her large breasts shake and jiggle as I pummel her.
“God, look at you,” I say in awe, my eyes skimming over her soft belly and wide hips. “Fucking perfect. And all mine.”
Her walls tighten around my cock at my words, and I drop my head, pulling a nipple into my mouth.
"Connor! God…don’t stop, please! I’m going to…!”
“Give it to me, baby! Let go and come all over my cock,” I command.
She sobs as her orgasm takes her, and she wails her release, face scrunched up, body jerking against me. With one last thrust, I follow her into heaven, shooting rope after rope of sticky cum into her welcoming cunt. On and on it goes, holding me rigid above her. I’m not only releasing my seed but also my grief and trauma, emptying it into her in cathartic waves that leave me sated and peaceful.
“Jess,” I choke, collapsing on top of her.
“I’ve got you,” she whispers. “I love you.”
I’m surprised to discover my eyes are wet. I haven’t cried since I was a boy. Jessica scatters kisses across my face, wrapping her whole body around me, giving me a kind of comfort I didn’t know I needed until now.
“I love you,” I mutter, seeking out her lips for a tender kiss.
Her love gives me strength, and just like that, I let it all go. For the first time since the incident, I feel like I can truly move forward with the angel in my arms.