Claiming Christmas

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I nibble a path up her inner thigh, licking and sucking at her flesh before repeating the same on the other side.
“Connor, please!” Jess pants, lifting her hips to try to get me where she needs me the most.
“Please what, sweetheart?”
“P-please put your m-mouth on me,” she pleads.
I dive in, burying my whole face in her pussy and swirling my tongue around her clit.
My hands bite into her squirming hips to hold her steady while I eat her out noisily, using my mouth, tongue, and teeth to drive her crazy. I circle her clit with my tongue before spearing the tip into her tight hole. She moans and jerks above me as I slip one, then another finger inside her, using her juices as lubrication as I thrust them in and out, fucking her with them.
Jess’s head thrashes as I hook my fingers around, seeking out the sweet spot inside her, wanting to give her pleasure unlike anything she’s ever experienced before.
“Oh! Oh! I—Connor!”
Jess shouts my name as she goes over the edge. Her body spasms and her pussy locks down on my fingers as her orgasm rips through her. I don’t let up. I press my thumb against her clit and continue to thrust my fingers in and out of her tight entrance, extending her orgasm.
Finally, she falls limp, her chest rising and falling with her harsh breaths. I crawl up her body, scattering kisses along the way before sucking a hard nipple into my mouth.
“Connor,” she sighs, meeting the thrust of my tongue as I claim her mouth in a desperate kiss.
“That is the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever witnessed,” I rasp, biting down gently on her bottom lip.
“I’ve never… no one has ever…” she trails off, her hazel eyes still heavy with the remnants of her pleasure.
“Am I the first man to put my mouth on you like that, Jess?”
“Yes,” she whispers, her cheeks on fire.
I smooth her hair away from her flushed cheeks. “I’m honored. And I aim to please,” I add with a grin.
“Oh, you pleased, alright,” she murmurs, tilting her head back, greedy for more of my kisses.
My hard cock nudges her stomach and she reaches between us, wrapping her hand around me. My breath hisses out as she gives me a squeeze, moving her hand up and down my length.
“Like this?” she asks, her eyes seeking mine for guidance.
“A little tighter, baby,” I grunt, thrusting helplessly into her hand. “Yeah, like that. Fuck!” My jaw clenches, and I swallow hard as she slides her thumb across the end, swirling a bead of pre-cum around the slit. “Need inside you, Jess. So fucking bad!”
“God, yes, I want that, too!” she moans, guiding my cock through her slick folds and notching me at her entrance. “Make love to me, Connor.”
My breath rasps in my throat as she moves her hips back and forth on my length, crying out as the head of my cock bumps her clit.
"You want my cock inside you, sweetheart?” I whisper against her lips.
“Yes!” she says immediately.
I link my hands with hers, pinning them above her head. I flex my hips, pushing inside her tight warmth, just an inch. Then I stop.
“What is it? What’s wrong?” Jess asks worriedly.
I force myself to hold still, eight inches from paradise. “I don’t have any protection.”
Jessica blinks. Then bites her lip. “I’m on the pill.”