A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1276

Sean said evenly, “It’s what I thought I could do for the family.”

“When did you… With Patrick Stuart…” Jesse trailed off, unable to finish his sentence.

“It has nothing to do with him,” Sean said. “I knew which way I swing ever since I was a child, but I’ve
never said anything considering how you would feel about this. Of course, I never did find the right
person until Patrick, whom I considered worth fighting for, even if it means going against the family.”

Jesse’s visage was cold.

Still, Sean continued, “I understand very well how I feel toward him, and I know the price I must pay.
The only thing I can do now is to do my best not to inflict losses to the family.”

“So you’re saying you’re going through with this?” Jesse demanded.

“Yes,” Sean said bluntly.

Jesse’s visage contorted hideously, but no one could accept such a thing immediately.

The ward remained deathly silent, and Sean kept his head bowed.

There was no telling how long had passed until Jesse said,” I’ll never accept this. I won’t force you to
reconsider, and I’m in no state to get agitated. Give me a proper response when I’m getting

However, Sean knew his answer very well and he was determined-whether a month, a year, or a
lifetime would pass.

His grandfather was too frail to suffer any agitation right now, so he said, “Yes. I’ll have a proper answer
when you’re discharged, sir.”

“Good,” Jesse growled. “Tell Cordy and the rest to come in again.”

“Yes, sir.” Sean strode out of the ward.

As the others looked at him worriedly, he gave them a look of assurance and said, “Go on in.
Grandfather’s asking for you.”

Though she had questions, Cordy decided to stay silent and followed the others into the ward.

Jesse’s rage and disappointment seemed to disappear into thin air, and he was once again kind and
gentle to Cordy.” The rest of you can go about your business. I’m fine with just Cordy keeping me

“Okay,” Sean said respectfully.

John glanced at Cordy, who said, “You can go back to Cranston House with Sean. Dicky’s there, and
don’t you have something to tell him?”

“Okay,” John nodded. “Take good care of Mr. Cranston. Call

me if anything comes up.”

“Yeah, don’t worry.”

As they left, Patrick could not help asking in the car, “What did your grandfather say? He disagrees with
us being together, doesn’t he? I knew he would.”

“What are you afraid of?” Sean asked, looking at him just then.

“What am I afraid of?!” Patrick somehow thought that he was on a completely different wavelength. “I’m
not afraid- I’m perfectly open-minded, and I won’t die because I can’t live with someone. And you know
I’m still highly eligible, and I’m attractive to both men and women…”

“I said I’ll take responsibility, silly.” Sean smiled at him adoringly. “And that means for life. Stop letting
your thoughts take over-l can handle this.”

Patrick looked at Sean then.

He certainly understood how impressive Jesse could be, which was why he did not really want to make
things awkward for Sean.

But considering that they would be driven apart because of this still left his heart breaking.

He would be aggrieved, miserable, and reluctant to let Sean go. However, he would not want Sean to
be in trouble because of him either.

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