A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1289

Droves of journalists were waiting inside and outside the wedding hall, and John and Cordy’s arrival
sent the place into a frenzy.

As there was a press conference arranged beforehand, they stood among the journalists and answered
the questions posed to them.

“The previous wedding in North City had already stirred waves in North City, Mr. Levine. Why another
wedding? Is it to make up to Ms. Sachs?”

“Ms. Sachs, you and Mr. Levine had been hovering around each other for years. Why only get married
now? Was there perhaps misunderstandings in between?”

“Ms. Sachs, why did you hide your identity as a member of the Cranston Family? Were there perhaps
some factors you’re not at ease to discuss?”

“Mr. Levine…”

As the journalists peppered them with questions, John calmly said,” Please, one at a time-or we don’t
know whose question to answer, and we wont be able to hear anyone clearly. We’ve arranged for this
press conference to be conducted with ample time so everyone’s question would be answered.”

The journalists turned quietly immediately at John’s words-he always had the ability to take control over
any scene.

Soon, one of the journalists asked, “Mr. Levine, it’s obvious that you and Ms. Sachs have loved each
other for years. What could have happened that you had to wait so long to tie the knot?”

“There has certainly been one too many heart-stopping escapades. While I’m happy to tell everyone
everything, the gist of it is that we kept missing out on each other despite our love for one another.”

He turned to look at Cordy then, and she looked at him in turn-there was no hiding the love in their

“I must thank the heavens that we can always start anew after all the missed opportunities. From now
on, I’ll never let go of Cordy’s hand, come what may.”

He was supposed to be answering the journalists’ questions, but it feels more like a declaration of his

Another journalist then asked, “Ms. Sachs, may I ask about your connection to the Cranston family?
Why were you hiding your status before?”

“My mother was Jesse Cranston’s daughter-and I didn’t mean to hide my ties to the Cranstons. I was
only made aware of that three years ago, since my mother ran away from home. I had since decided
not to ask about the reasons for her departure since the past should be allowed to stay in the past.
However, I must tell everyone in no uncertain terms that I am happy to have a wonderful grandfather,
and I’m proud to be a Cranston.”

“Does Jesse Cranston agree to your marriage with Mr. Levine?” the journalist pressed.

“Very much so,” Cordy said. “John is someone he’s entrusting my future to.”

“Don’t you hold a grudge for his years of abandonment?”

“I do,” Cordy said bluntly.

John’s hand tightened around hers, but she continued, “However, I understand that he did not get to
make his choice. That is why I have all the more reason to be happy and be content with what we

have, because our relationship was forged through adversity, and it did not come easy.”

“So, you do love Mr. Levine?”

“Of course.” Cordy smiled. “I would never marry anyone I don’t love.*

John gulped-that was certainly what she said.

Even if he did feel that Cordy’s feelings for him changed over time, he could not help feeling immense

“Alright, that’s all the time we have for your questions.” One staff member clapped his hands loudly just
then. “There’s a luncheon available for everyone, so please proceed inside the hall and offer the bride
and groom your blessings.”

With the staff having put it that way, the journalists decided not to ask further questions despite having

Cordy headed into the banquet hall under John’s escort, but they had to split up to get ready at their
respective dressing rooms.

John, however, was holding Cordy’s hand, reluctant to let her go.

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