A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1296

After all, Quinn turned thirty this year.


All her youth, gone!

“How are we the same? I’ll soon be the mother of two kids, while your children are nonexistent.”

Quinn was speechless.

Was Zoe not afraid of giving her depression, rubbing salt into her wound constantly?!

“I mean, look at Cordy-she’s our age too, but she’ll be a mother-in-law a few years down the line.”

“Now you’re just being ridiculous.” Quinn snorted—Richard was barely a teenager!

“Don’t you know how dangerous middle-aged pregnancy can be?” Zoe asked.

“But I’m not middle-aged, am I?”

“You will be if you don’t get to work soon.”

“It’s not like I can do it just because I want to.”

“What, are you saying Sam can’t do it?!” Zoe said a little too loudly while staring straight at Sam.

Sam, however, was taking his sweet time eating and drinking with Bob, even toasting Sean and Patrick
from time to time.

He seemed perfectly at ease and did not seem to care about what Zoe and

Quinn were saying, even if he was sitting beside Quinn.

No one would have been able to tell that they were married unless they knew they were.

And if they did not know any better, they would think that Sam and Bob were a couple, given how close
they were sitting.

Sam was deliberately keeping his distance from Quinn, was he not?!

Still, hearing his name being mentioned, he slowly turned toward Zoe with his roguish smile. “I’m sure
you know the answer to that, Ms. York.”

“No, I don’t!” Zoe promptly denied. “Don’t you slander my good name!”

“I mean, we’re childhood friends, and you’re acquainted with plenty of starlets yourself. Have those
ladies not told you about my performance?”

“Did you think everyone is as shameless as you are?!” Zoe snapped angrily.

The thought of Sam’s constant affairs only left Zoe feeling indignant for Quinn’s sake.

If she were in Quinn’s place, she would have divorced Sam a hundred times over!

Sam did not argue since no one could afford to upset pregnant ladies.

Hence, he shrugged and ignored Zoe’s jibe before turning to continue chatting and drinking happily
with Bob.

Zoe was so livid Quinn could feel her rage.

She quickly slid a slice of steak on Zoe’s plate, telling her, “You’re pregnant.

You should eat more.”

Zoe was speechless and stared at Quinn in stunned disappointment.

Quinn simply smiled and offered a toast to Sean just then.

They were both lawyers, but he was much more famous and she had always admired him.

“My name is Quinn Summers, Mr. Cranston. It’s a pleasure to meet you-we share the same alma
mater, and…’

“I know you,’ Sean said. “You’re quite famous in the legal circles of North City.”

“Thank you,” Quinn replied. “That’s still a lot less compared to your achievements.’

“But you’re still young,” Sean told her. “You still have much potential for advancement to look forward

“Thank you for your encouragement.”

As Sean smiled, Quinn stood up and offered him a toast with a worshipful look.

Sam turned to look at Quinn just then-she always did prefer mature men who were serious about their

After they finished their glasses, Quinn shared a toast with Patrick too.

After some polite exchange, they both chugged their glasses.

Zoe was actually surprised that Quinn could liven up the atmosphere too, and her cheer livened things
up around the table in turn.

It was therefore a shame that Zoe only got to watch…

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