A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1300

Ryan left without a word, leaving the rest of the Saunders absolutely flustered.

The wedding ceremony and everything else was prepared, only for the bridegroom to run away at the
altar-the family would be disgraced when word got out!

As such, the Saunders hastily came up with the idea to have Quinn marry Sam instead.

While they did ask Quinn for her opinion, she did not really have a say when she was dependent on
them. Moreover, she agreed to it because was convinced that Sam would never agree to it.

She was therefore surprised that Sam did and was convinced for a while that his parents coerced him
in some eway.

But whatever the case may be, they got married-even if the wedding was slapdash, and they were the
laughing stock of polite society.

And on their wedding night, she rejected Sam-she never had been liberal and did not want her first time
to be so slapdash like her wedding.

Naturally, she accepted the reality that she was now married to Sam-she just needed time to slowly
nurture a relationship with him.

But it proved exceedingly difficult-Sam’s womanizing ways only escalated after he got married, and he
did not make an effort to hide it. Aside from having to clean up his mess, there was basically no
development in their relationship whatsoever.

A month later, Ryan sent a message to the Saunders family to inform them that he was doing fine, but
it was not until a year later that he explained everything including running away from his wedding.

It turned out that he was recruited for a secret government project, and time was of the essence-he
was brought in as soon as he was informed. The Saunders thought he had been abducted for a time
since they could not find him anywhere.

And that also meant that Quinn had been married to Sam for a year, and by then, everything had fallen
into place.

The Saunders could not afford the ignominy of letting her divorce Sam and flirt with Ryan, and once
again asked for Quinn’s opinion while telling her the many issues that would result from a divorce.

However, Quinn never considered getting back together with Ryan anyway. She hated him for leaving
initially, but it was resolved after he explained himself.

Still, despite surviving the worst time of her life, she now had nothing to look forward to, and no one
needed to make amends either.

In the end, she stayed married to Sam, and the Saunders kept throwing money at her, seemingly
feeling guilty-by now, she basically owned their family estate.

One might even say that she stood above Sam in the family.

Quinn’s phone jingled again, and she tapped on to find another text from Ryan: [Sam said he might be
busy tomorrow since he would be going out with Bob. We could go out-just the two of us.]

Quinn refused. [There’s no need. You’re a busy man. You don’t have to go out of your way to show

[I’m not busy. I’d like to take you on a trip around the capital.]

[I know you’ve always felt guilty, but we should be keeping our distance.] Ryan’s reply took some time
this time. [I’m not feeling guilty. I just don’t want to miss out again.]

Quinn paused, unsure how to respond this time.

Ryan sent another text then: [I let you down when I chose my nation over my love life. But now that
things have settled down, there’s no chance of what happened before repeating, so I want to start over
with you. I’ve wanted to say this for years but never could muster the courage. Your relationship with
Sam is still going nowhere, and I really don’t want to miss another chance.]

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