A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1298

Still, Sam always looked too fearsome, and one would feel pressured when he stopped smiling.

Quinn turned and headed inside an anteroom.

It was quite late, so she could not go back to her room to sleep or she would end up sleeping past the
evening’s banquet.

She lounged on the couch in the anteroom, fiddling with her phone to kill time, only to end up falling
asleep and waking up at 6 PM.

She thought she had just closed her eyes for a moment-how did she allow an entire hour to pass
without noticing?

She quickly got up in shock when she realized that she had a blanket on and her phone was put aside.

That was weird-did someone come in earlier?

As she got off the couch and opened the door, she found Sean right aside.

“Ah,” he said. “The banquet is starting. I was just coming to get you.”

“Oh, okay,” Quinn quickly replied.

“Just leave whenever you like,” Sean added. “I’ll make arrangements for the guests. You’ve been busy
the whole day, so get some rest soon.”

“Yeah.” Quinn nodded-it was not like she would last the whole night. Only those who always partied
could, and way into midnight at that.

“Thank you, Mr. Cranston,” she added solemnly then.

“Actually, I should be thanking you instead,” Sean smiled in return. “I’m glad that Cordy has a good
friend like you.”

“No, I mean-“

“Sean? Come here for a minute,” Jesse was suddenly calling out to his grandson.

“Okay,” Sean quickly replied before turning back to Quinn for a moment.” Please enjoy the banquet.”

“Yeah. Don’t let me keep you,” Quinn said.

She hated being a bother the most, and she just wanted to thank him for the blanket anyway.

It had to be Sean, since no one else would know that she was taking a break in the anteroom, nor
would they bring her a blanket.

Zoe obviously had not returned after leaving with Jay. Moreover, Jay was not an airhead-he would not
be bringing Zoe back to a congested location if her pregnancy was confirmed. That means he would
either take her to John’s mansion or return to North City right away.

Meanwhile, Quinn strolled along the hall, which was still exceedingly lively despite the absence of the
newlyweds. Any mention of Cordy or John would be met with words of blessings of expressions and
admiration too- no one seemed to find it inappropriate that the couple had bailed on their own wedding.

As Quinn made a lap around the hall, she spotted Sam and Bob, who were still mingling with guests
and looking like it was really easy.

Eventually, Quinn was starting to get exhausted by 10 PM, and it hurt a little after wearing heels for the
entire day.

She turned and left the hall, heading upstairs to her room.

It was too late in the night to return directly to North City-anything else could wait until tomorrow.

Still, Sam noticed that she left, while Bob could not help teasing beside him, “That’s your wife. No need
to hide it.”

Sam turned away and rolled his eyes at Bob, who huffed, “You’re the one who sneaked in the room to
bring her a blanket. I really wonder if all your philandering ever meant a thing, Sam!”

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