A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1279

After reading everything aloud, Jesse lowered the ledger and told Cordy, “Come here.”

Cordy hurried to him, her eyes already red with emotion.

Jesse then took out an emerald bangle from a beautiful jewelry box. It was obvious that the bangle was
worth a fortune and had considerable history given that the box was an antique.

Taking Cordy’s hand, Jesse put the bangle around Cordy’s slender wrist, his voice choking with
emotion as he said,” Your grandmother left this for your mother.”

Cordy felt her nose turning runny and her tears almost threatened to fall.

Jesse smiled at her contentedly in turn. “I thought it’d stay in that box forever… Thank you for coming
when you did.”

He certainly still had regrets but was thankfully given a second chance.

“Thank you, Grandfather,” she said earnestly.

Jesse grinned. “Just tell me if John ever gives you grief. I’ll be there for you.”

“I’d never allow her to be hurt, sir. You have nothing to worry about,” John quickly said nearby.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. I won’t let myself be given grief either.

” Cordy smiled.

Jesse nodded in satisfaction and said a little wistfully, “Your mother really raised you well.”

Cordy’s eyes welled with tears again-her mother certainly did.

It would always be regrettable that she could not be with them.

Jesse sighed lengthily in turn, not intending to stay miserable on an auspicious day.

He turned toward Sean, who had been prim and proper recently.

While he always showed a strong sense of self-discipline before, he somehow put in extra effort,
working hard for the family and running around if he had to.

Anyone could see it, and Jesse did as well-though he also knew why Sean was working so hard.

He still could not accept that Sean was gay even after a month, but he could not withstand Cordy’s
persistent persuasion either.

She kept reasoning with him, saying that the family’s lineage would carry on even without Sean.

Eventually, Jesse more or less relented inside even though he did not really say it out loud.

“Patrick Stuart, was it?” Jesse suddenly called out to Patrick, who was there with them.

John had actually been traveling around for work and was mostly away from the capital. However, he
came to greet Jesse as he was getting discharged.

On the other hand, Patrick was constantly loitering around Cranston Hall, even hovering around Jesse
at Sean’s side-it was a headache for the elderly man on occasion.

Obviously, Jesse was hardly accepting, and that extended to Sean. However, Sean seemed not to
care, bringing Patrick along to every family gathering. That worked well against Jesse’s quiet
discouragement, as he always refrained from saying anything as he usually quietly pressured people
into backing down and following his will.

Sean simply acted as if he did not know a thing and acted lovey-dovey with Patrick out in public.

“Wait, were you calling me?” Patrick asked in disbelief.

He certainly could tell that Jesse despised him and had thought about leaving Cranston Hall to avoid

Sean refused to let him go, however. He kept saying stuff like he was working himself like a slave for
their happiness and forbade Patrick from leaving unceremoniously.

Hence, he stayed, while Sean constantly brought him along when he visited Jesse, basically
challenging the man’s limit of tolerance.

At times, Patrick rejoiced that he had to rejoice that Jesse was too old to get physical or he would at
least have a couple of broken limbs.

And now, the man suddenly called him by his name…

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