A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1271

John grinned. “Don’t worry. I’m quite straight.”

He could admit that it felt a little pleasant to have Cordy face those mini paranoid episodes-it only
meant that Cordy was concerned that someone would take him away from her.

But if there was anyone in the world who could tempt him, it was Cordy.

“I didn’t think that Sean would be…” Cordy trailed off again, unable to finish her sentence.

She could accept Patrick being that, since they were unrelated and she knew about that for a while.

But her cousin was always so masculine, and yet…

John chuckled. “Well, I am grateful for Sean’s role.”

If it was not for him, Cordy would probably be still trapped with guilt toward Patrick.

“That’s schadenfreude,” she huffed.

“You have to admit that they make a good pair.”

“I…” She refused to admit that.

“Go to sleep already,” John said, not pressing the issue just then. “You must be sleepy since we had to
wake early for our flight.”

She could take her time to accept the reality anyway.

When it came to relationships, the best thing others should do would be to offer their blessing.

Cordy nodded.

They washed up and then changed into casuals.

“Your cousin’s quite attentive,” John praised.

They did not bring anything since they came to the capital in a rush, but there were clothes prepared
for them here anyway-for him and Cordy-and they fit perfectly.

Cordy was left staring at John’s clothes, suddenly a little uncomfortable.

“What’s on your mind, darling?” John could not help laughing.

“Who’s your darling?” Cordy blushed.

“We already had a wedding, and we even got our certificate, ” John teased. “And with our respective
family’s approvals, is that still not reality now?”

“Nope.” Cordy stubbornly denied it.

John frowned but soon said, “Oh, right. We haven’t consummated our marriage.”

As Cordy stared at him, he nodded as if in understanding.” Yeah, I know.”

‘What do you know?!’

Nonetheless, John suddenly scooped her up in his arms,

and she snapped, “What are you doing?! It’s just been two days-it’s not over yet!”

She was referring to her period, naturally.

However, John carried her straight to bed and pinned her beneath herself, which scared her. “Are you
really going to make me bleed?”

John snickered. “Cordy, do I look that desperate to you?”

“Actually, yes.”


“Zoe’s been telling me that. Repeatedly.”

“Don’t listen to her crap.”

“And I felt it too.” Cordy bit her lip.

She wiggled her brows as if to remind him.

John actually flinched a little.

Damn it, why did that have to be so tempting?! It was a twopronged assault to his eyes and touch!

John suddenly got off Cordy, and she could not help smiling as she watched him basically flee.

It just felt mysteriously blissful.

They napped the entire afternoon and were surprised to realize how late it was since no one woke
them up.

They were both people with strict self-discipline who somehow became self-indulgent after they got

Getting out of bed and getting dressed, John opened the door and was about to head downstairs when
Cordy stopped him.


They were at home, so they were dressed very casually.

John was just wearing a casual white shirt, with his collar and several buttons undone.

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