A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1269

Patrick sighed feebly when he saw Cordy’s reaction. “Like I said, you’d have trouble accepting it.”

“It’s not like I can’t… but isn’t that too quick?!”

“So, you can’t.” Patrick shrugged.

“I thought you’re normal again…”

“And you consider myself and your dear cousin abnormal?” Patrick snorted, a little upset.

Cordy pursed her lips. “No, I can respect anyone’s preference -what I mean was you changed your
heart a little too quickly, and not only that, but you changed your preference too!”

“But I never did change my preference. I just happen to love you too,” Patrick said. “You’re the only
woman I ever loved.”

Cordy felt an aching on his chest, still guilty toward Patrick.

Naturally, she respected Patrick’s preferences, and she believed gender was irrelevant when it came to
true love.

But ultimately, in the big picture, going with the flow would grant further recognition from society. Most
importantly, Patrick and Sean were important people-and she more or less cut off Patrick’s way out.

“You don’t have to feel guilty about this.” Patrick was nonchalant, however. “It’s because we broke up
that I found out how great your cousin is.”

As Cordy stared at him, he added, “Hell, he’s better than me.”

“Wait, what are we talking about?” Cordy asked.

“Cordy, be serious. Of course I mean as a person.”


“Cordy!” Patrick snapped a little indignantly-she had to be doing that on purpose.

Still, he teased her. “It’s just been months, but you’re way more easy-going than before. John has really
changed you.”

“It has nothing to do with him.” Cordy shrugged. “I just got over it, and there’s no need to push myself
too much.”

“If only you’d gotten over it earlier,” Patrick said quietly.

Cordy was left staring at him but decided against saying what was on her mind.

“Did you know why I suddenly backed out of our wedding?” Patrick asked.

Cordy nodded in silence.

Nonetheless, Patrick continued, “It wasn’t because you don’t love me enough, but rather, I wanted to let
you and John be together.”

Cordy blinked and remained silent.

“I wasn’t surprised at all to see news of your wedding with John. Well, your brother was bristling-though
to be precise,

he started to bristle when he saw the announcement of John’s wedding. I told him at the time that it
was definitely with you, but he doubted me, saying that if it was, he would be informed beforehand…

but you never told him.”

“Heck, I actually thought for a moment that there would be a reversal, but in the end, you did marry
John Levine,” Patrick finished.

Cordy could not say anything against that-everyone could tell that she had always harbored feelings for
John, but she was the one who constantly avoided confronting it.

“But it’s good.” Patrick smiled, seeing that she was chagrined. “At least my sacrifice wasn’t in vain.”

“Thank you,” Cordy replied earnestly.

Patrick smiled feebly-no one would want to be thanked in his shoes.

However, it was all good as long as she was happy.

He chugged his tea then and said, “Let’s go back. You should get some rest.”

“Not going to stay a while?” Cordy asked-they had just sat down no more than ten minutes ago, and
she was sure that they had much to talk about since they were apart for so long.

“No. I’m worried,” Patrick said.

It was a surprising response and it left Cordy perplexed.

After a while, she asked, “You’re worried that they’d misunderstand? Don’t worry-we never got intimate
even up until our wedding. They won’t misunderstand.”

“No, that’s not it,” Patrick said solemnly. “I’m concerned your brother would get interested in John.”

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