A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1264

Sean was waiting at the airport, glowering as if they owed him money-though he probably would not be
that upset even if they did.

Still, Cordy noticed in surprise that Patrick was there too!

Should he not be in Rocktown? What was he doing here?!

“Sean…” Cordy barely began when Sean turned and strode off.

He looked really upset.

Cordy slid a glance at John, who gave her an assuring look as if it was no issue.

Cordy rolled her eyes-for him, maybe, since Sean was not his cousin.

She quickly hurried after Sean, though they left the airport in two different cars.

Though calm earlier, Cordy was starting to get a little worried because of Sean’s silent treatment when
John assured her, “Don’t worry-l have leverage against him.”

“What?” Cordy exclaimed in surprise-leverage again Sean? What could it be?

John merely grinned enigmatically while their cars soon took them to Cranston Hall.

There, Cordy gingerly approached Sean. “How’s Grandfather?

“You remember him now?” Sean scoffed, clearly upset.

Still, he replied, “Still no sign that he’s waking up.”

Cordy nodded—she had not been to the capital often, but she often asked after Jesse on WhatsApp.

“I’ll visit him later.”

Sean stayed quiet, but Cordy considered it his approval.

“As for my wedding with John…” Cordy started to explain before saying staunchly, “He forced me into

That was certainly an amazing way to pass the buck!

Sean blinked and turned sharply to John.

John was left staring at Cordy, who avoided his gaze-she was planning to leave this to him anyway.

And he had leverage, did he not? Well, it was time to use it!

“How did you force her?” Sean demanded right then.

“It’s not forced. It’s consensual…”

“Consensual? Did she consent to it? Did her family agree to it?” Sean asked, his voice louder with
every syllable.

He obviously admired John, but he could not accept Cordy being coerced into marrying him either!

However, John asked in return, “In that case, did the family agree to you divorcing your wife?”

Sean’s face fell, while Cordy exclaimed in surprise, “You’ve gotten a divorce?!”

“How did you find out?” Sean asked John then.

“Oh, I know way more than that.” John smiled—Sean was smart enough to tell what he meant right

And to no surprise, Sean was pursuing his lips, suddenly a little stumped.

The air in the room became a little stiff, and Cordy was left wondering what the leverage was.

Naturally, she did not dare to ask lightly in fear that she would get burned too.

“So? What are you going to do to make amends for our family?” Sean asked, histone still cold.

However, Cordy could tell that he was basically relenting…

So, what dirt did John have on Sean, really?!

“I’ll hold another wedding ceremony in the capital and marry Cordy with all pomp and circumstance,”
John said seriously then. “And so that the country knows Cordy’s real identity.”

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