A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1261

After lunch, John led Cordy upstairs to his room for a break.

As they went, Zoe was giggling as she watched them, leaving Cordy speechless.

Honestly, why did she have to keep thinking about that stuff?

Seemingly reading her mind, John suddenly said, “She’s not wrong.”

“Huh?” Cordy was confused.

John leaned in and whispered something into her ear, and she was left flushing right then.

He grinned. “Go to bed already, Mrs. Levine.”

“Should we sleep… in separate beds?” Cordy asked, concerned for his spiritual well-being just then.

“No.” He refused summarily. “I’d rather spontaneously combust than let you spontaneously vanish.”

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat-how scared was he that she would leave him?

Meanwhile, Zoe remained in the parlor, watching a reality show on TV.

Jay had left to coax Yelena to take a nap, or he would not be able to return to Zoe.

She sat on the couch, feeling that everything there changed though the people living there were

Suddenly, she had the vague feeling that someone was approaching, and she turned to see Cora.

To be honest, it was hard to imagine that she could be sitting amicably near Cora-while Cora did not
harass Zoe earlier today, she was not exactly welcoming.

It was almost certain Zoe did not exist, though ultimately the reason forthat was because Cora still
found herself inferior.

Zoe therefore had no reason to despise Cora, even if she had been hostile to Cora before. While she
had been upset before, she found Cora’s motivations understandable.

She wondered if she was kinder these days, since she was caught in such bliss she refused to let such
matters affect her good life.

With that in mind, Zoe kept watching TV, not feeling uncomfortable despite Cora’s presence.

“Zoe.” Cora suddenly called out to Zoe half an hour after she sat down beside Zoe.

Zoe thought Cora was just watching TV with her since it was a famous show, and Cora could use more
practice with her acting.

“Yeah?” She turned to look at Cora.

“I think my mom… has fully accepted you,” Cora said.

Zoe pursed her lips.

So Cora was holding that against her?

Sure, Nancy was still unfriendly to Zoe today, but people could see that she had accepted Zoe as a
member of the family.

“I still had my grievances to you at first,” Cora said earnestly then. “I mean, I’m the real heiress of the
Levine family, and I had to suffer an inhumane life while you were spoiled like a princess before we
became adults. But now, I intend to let it go like you did.”

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