A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1426

Once Quinn passed her keys to Ryan, the three of them headed out of Saunders

When Quinn was going to take the backseat, Ryan told her,"

You’re riding shotgun, Quinn."

"I’ll sit with your mom-"

"I don’t know my way around North City.

Be my guide,"

Ryan said, but there was an edge in his voice that did not permit refusal.

"Use the satnav,"

Lindsay said, bailing Quinn out right then."

We’re heading to Verdant Hotel-I’ve already contacted the manager, and he will be waiting for us."

Then, she also added, "Quinn, sit in the back with me.

Let’s chat."

"Okay.1′ Quinn agreed to it right away, unable to hide a smile.

Ryan was left glowering-so she was that happy that she did not have to sit with him?! Gritting his teeth,
he got in the driver’s seat, turned on the satnav, and started driving.

Along the way, Lindsay said, "You must take me seriously what I told you last night, Quinn."

"About what?"

Quinn asked in confusion.

"Having children with Sam."

"Oh… okay,"

Quinn quickly replied.

"Not just lip service-children don’t grow on trees.

It takes action,"

Lindsay suddenly added bluntly.

Quinn’s face turned beet red.

"I know… Sam and I talked about it last night."

"He said yes?"

"He did."

Quinn nodded.

Lindsay smiled.

"I guess that means I can have a proper break now."As Quinn nodded again, Lindsay was beside
herself with joy and excitement.


I wanted to be a grandma so much."

On the other hand, Ryan’s fingers clenched on the steering wheel.

He would never allow or accept Quinn having a child with Sam! Soon, they arrived at the Verdant Hotel,
where they met the manager to discuss the details of the banquet.

Ryan hated such occasions, though it would be more precise to say that he despised socializing.

Having been engrossed in his research efforts for years, he merely sat in a corner, idling.

Still, he suddenly had an idea and whipped out his phone to take a selfie before taking photos of
Lindsay and Quinn behind him.

Since they were too busy speaking with the manager to notice that, he posted the photos online with
the caption: [ Spending a rare holiday with the family.] He sneered once it was sent-he was convinced
Sam would see it! Sam, however, did not-he was too busy with work to check social media.

It was not until Bob called him that he realized they were having dinner at Jay’s and remembered to call

However, it was Ryan who answered.

"She’s changing.

Call back later."

Sam naturally could tell that it was Ryan right away.

"Why do you have her phone?"

"Didn’t you check Twitter? I thought you’d see my post in the morning,"

Ryan said with deliberate ambiguity, keeping it short and hanging up right after.

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