A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1415

Lindsay entered and said, "Good work, Sam and Quinn.”

Both of them looked at them at the same time, only seeing her just then since they were busy with

Sam was surprised. “When did you come by, Mom?”

"Your dad insisted on coming, so I came with him.”

"Dad's here too?” Sam frowned.

"He was persistent and I couldn't stop him,” Linda said with a smile. "I told him that he only gets two
hours, though. He's leaving once the time is up.”

"Is he feeling better?” Quinn asked in concern.

"The doctors said he’s mostly fine, but I'm still worried given the precedent.”

"Yeah, he should rest more." Quinn nodded and quickly asked, "Would you like a drink? I'll have my
secretary bring it for you.”

"No, I just came to check on you," Lindsay said mildly. "I won't impose either—you should get back to

When Quinn got up to walk with her, she stopped Quinn. "No, you can stay. I'm just sightseeing
anyway. Also, you should come by tonight for dinner. It's Marvin's sixtieth birthday soon, and I'd like to
make it a grander celebration to bring in more cheer, especially with your dad having a close shave

"Yeah." Sam agreed.

Quinn nodded. "I'll have Sam leave work earlier too.”

"Good. Don't forget about it now—I'll have Mrs. Watson cook a feast.”


Lindsay left cheerfully. She had certainly been fatigued, even short of getting depressed, with Marvin's
illness, Sam and Ryan's constant bickering, and Saunderia.

Thank goodness everything was going well now...

As she turned to look at Sam and Quinn, she wondered if a child between them was possible now!

It was the only thing on her to-do list at the moment.

Around 5.30 PM, Quinn reminded Sam to get off work, since they had been working overtime
constantly for a while now.

After all, they completely underestimated all the things that might come up during the sale process.
They had presumed things would ease up after securing the joint venture for the new energy cars, and
they returned to the market.

Since the new energy cars were a new enterprise, like anything else without a proper system, they
needed time to explore, test, and summarize.

In fact, Quinn had a feeling that they would still be busy for a long while.

"Thirty minutes,” Sam said without looking up. "I need to put in a request for OA today or we'd be
busier tomorrow.”

While Sam could leave the task to his secretary, he was still not too familiar with all company
operations. That was why he took charge of OA regardless of how busy he was, and by handling it
personally, he could quickly study various company operations.

"Yeah," Quinn said, and quietly waited for him. She never expected that there would be a day when
Sam would become that different, and she spaced out a little as she stared at him from the side...

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