A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1417

Sam stared at their interlocked fingers, his heart racing as warmth overflowed over his chest.

He could not help tightening his grip, as if to respond after she took the initiative.

Quinn smiled lightly as they entered, holding hands.

Marvin and Lindsay were waiting on the porch.

Ryan was there too, and he immediately saw Sam and Quinn holding hands.

There was no hiding the rage in his eyes—was this a challenge?

Were Sam and Quinn deliberately challenging him?!

Lindsay and Marvin noticed that too and smiled happily since they really wanted Sam and Quinn's
marriage to improve!

Lindsay greeted them eagerly. "Welcome back. I'll have the kitchen serve dinner.”

"Okay." Sam nodded.

Neither he nor Quinn let go, as they were all too keen to keep holding on to each other.

In fact, Quinn never thought that holding hands would be this blissful.

Still, as they sat down together with the family at the table,

Sam would be peeking at Quinn on occasion, and Quinn would return his gaze occasionally. There was
no hiding their affection even though they could not hold hands, and they could not help feeling
embarrassed when their eyes met.

Marvin and Lindsay were naturally beside themselves with joy—only Ryan was left scowling throughout
and not eating at all, though no one seemed to care.

Lindsay was especially enthusiastic with Sam and Quinn, putting food on their plates as she said, "Eat
as much as you like. It must've been a difficult time, so I had the kitchen prepare more of your

Marvin was actually striking up conversation with Sam too, mostly questions about work but hardly
hiding his approval toward Sam.

As the atmosphere at the table got lively, Ryan appeared to be an outsider.

No one seemed to notice him if he did not speak up, and everyone was completely ignoring him.

Hence, as the dinner was over, everyone aside from Ryan was in a cheerful mood.

Marvin and Lindsay had Sam and Quinn stay for a while, and

Lindsay told them about the night's agenda. "Your dad's sixtieth birthday is coming soon. I'd like to
make it a lively occasion."

“Sure.” Sam nodded. “Whatever you like—I'll help as much as I can."

"It's on the thirteenth next month, so we have a month to prepare. It's a little rushed, and I'm worried
we'd be too busy if we invite too many...”

"Things are calming down at the office, and there's nothing important aside from proceedings,” Quinn
said. "I could prepare for it with you.”

"Wouldn't I be imposing?” Lindsay asked in concern.

"No—Sam can hold his own now, so I'm not that busy,” Quinn said, before turning to ask Sam. "Right?"

"Yeah. You don't have to come in punctually—just help Mom with Dad's birthday.” Sam nodded.

"Okay." Quinn nodded.

Lindsay was even more happy to see them getting along so well and said earnestly then, "It's our good
fortune that Quinn would marry into our family. Be good to her, Sam— she's the best girl I've ever met.”

"Y-Yeah," Sam stammered, embarrassed.

Quinn was feeling a little awkward too.

While things were obviously fine between them now, they had yet to really open their hearts to each

Even after years of marriage, they were still at the flirting stage now and had yet to break the ice for

"I mean, neither of you are young—John Levine's son is over ten years old now,” Lindsay said
solemnly. "You should really think about having children now.”

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