A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1411

But now, Sam had used the shortest time possible to sign a strategic agreement with the world’s
leading authority in the new energy automotive industry.

Once news of this spread, Saunderia would have no issues with sales while their stocks would
skyrocket in value.

Who would ever expect that the company would be facing bankruptcy one moment and suddenly
leapfrog up several notches?

And that was all thanks to Sam, even if it was hard to believe.

Ryan had done his homework this time, and there was no question about it -Sam had taken a personal
loan from John Levine when Saunderia’s capital flow stagnated to make up for any shortfalls.

As for Damian Craig, it was also all thanks to Sam and Quinn visiting him abroad and securing the joint
venture on their own. No one in Saunderia helped at all in that undertaking.

Naturally, Ryan had mixed feelings about all that.

He was certainly pleased that Saunderia survived. After all, his father was rushed to the ICU after he
collapsed from stress over the company’s crisis.

But while he wanted his father to be well, Saunderia ended up surviving all thanks to Sam.

After being used to Sam being inferior to himself ever since they were children, it certainly irritated
Ryan that Sam would suddenly steal the spotlight.

Ryan was left gritting his teeth as he hid his flaring temper!

After Sam and Damian signed the joint venture agreement, both companies began a forum on new
energy technology.

Naturally, that was a task for the specialists, but Sam had already provided all necessary arrangements
along with research platforms. They just had to sit and wait to reap the fruits of their labors at that point.

Right now, Saunderia’s priority was the marketing plans once their new energy cars resumed
production. Things never go smoothly even if everything was going well now, and they had to prepare
for a rainy day because no one knew if things would go the way they wanted.

For Sam, their current crisis would only be over once the new energy car returned to the market and
sales reached the estimated figures to grant a steady capital circulation.

Still, things were certainly lively in the board conference room, where Sam sat to discuss the upcoming
marketing plans.

The board members were a lot more enthusiastic as the tide was now turned in Saunderia’s favor. In
fact, if Ryan was not seeing it with his own eyes, he would never believe that the board members-many
of whom were twice older than Sam-had become so cordial and polite that they were stopping short of
becoming Sam’s yes men.

“Regarding promotion channels and strategy,” Sam said, “I actually have one in mind.”

“Do tell.” The board was all ears.

“In a previous board meeting, there was this suggestion that we should sell our cars to our own
employees,” Sam said bluntly right then.

That immediately prompted frowns among the board members, since that was completely unnecessary

Finally getting a chance to speak right then, Ryan promptly leaped in to mock Sam as much as he
could. “You’re the one who rejected that idea of mine before, and you’re proposing it now? Don’t you
feel the irony?! Also, that’s completely unnecessary right now—we were concerned about sales before
and were trying to get employees to buy it as a way of promotion and prove that our tech is solid.
Obviously, all those issues are now behind us, and even if I was the one who suggested mandatory
staff purchases before, you’d make us look way worse doing that now.”

As Sam pursed his lips, the other board members promptly joined in.

“I agree with Ryan. We’ve now gained public approval for our tech and a proper sales channel. There’s
no need to exploit our own employees.”

“I’m convinced that our sales figures will be good after all our hard work too. New energy cars are
already in high demand across the market.

Having our own employees buy them would instead strain our production capacity, and we might lose
way more than what we can gain.”

Still, there were board members who were willing to appease Sam. “We could use it as a backup
solution-if there really are issues with our sales figures, mandatory staff purchase would be viable.”

Saunderia might really face bankruptcy now if not for him. As such, an idea that was not too horrible
was one they still could get behind.

“That’s not what I meant. There’s a misunderstanding here,” Sam explained nonetheless. “What I’m
suggesting is that we offer our employees rebates and priority in the production queue. I mean to use
this as a form of company benefit and not to coerce them into buying our cars. They can either take it
or leave it-the decision is theirs.”

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