A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1404

Sam watched as Quinn got up and walked toward Ryan, who was grinning.

After all, Quinn was still into him-there was no hiding it now!

When a person is in a daze, their actions genuinely reflect their thoughts.

Sam’s fingers twitched in turn-he reached out to Quinn but stopped just as he almost reached her

He did not want to force her. He would respect her decision, as he always did…

Nonetheless, just as Quinn stood before Ryan and he reached out to her, she came to her senses and
seemed to clearly see him just then.

“Ryan?!” she exclaimed-she was in such a daze she thought she was dreaming.

In fact, she did not even know when she fell asleep, only that her head was so groggy she could not
think straight.

Nonetheless, Ryan took her hand and started to lead her away. “It’s late. I’m taking you home.”

Quinn shook his hand off, leaving him scowling.

“I was dizzy from sleep,” she said bluntly before turning back toward Sam, who was still in the office. “I
can go home with Sam.”

“Why are you still pretending?” Ryan asked icily.

“What?” Quinn was completely perplexed as to why Ryan would suddenly flip out like that.

“What, is it fun teasing me?” he pressed.

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“Fine. You can consider it my fault,” he suddenly said.

It only left Quinn even more confused.

What had gotten into him, and why was he suddenly apologizing-if one could call it that?

“Being forced to leave you alone at our wedding was my fault,” he said.

Quinn realized with a start-so that was what he was talking about.

In reality, she still held grievances despite him explaining himself before. Even if it was acceptable
rationally, it was not the case emotionally.

However, she had really gotten over it when she made up her mind to commit to her marriage with
Sam. With that, nothing was left of her relationship with Ryan.

She began, “It’s in the past-“

Ryan refused to let her speak. “You wanted me to prostrate myself, didn’t you? I’m doing that right

“I never wanted that. I don’t care about the past at all.”

Ryan glowered right then. “I’ve already compromised with you plenty, Quinn.”

What more did she want after he had gone this far?!

Still, Quinn was starting to get a little impatient.

She really had no idea what Ryan wanted-she had said so much, just as her actions made it very clear.
Why could he not understand?

How much did he love her, really?!

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