A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1405

Or maybe Ryan just could not accept that Quinn suddenly did not love him-that she was suddenly in
love with someone else?

Quinn stayed patient to come clean right then. “I don’t need your compromise or your apology, Ryan. I
just want us to split up amicably-you, me, and Sam all grew up in the same mansion. I hope we can be
family again.”

Ryan stared at her, silent for a long while.

Quinn, however, did not want to prolong their argument-in the end, one could never wake a person
pretending to sleep. All she could do was to use her actions to convey her intentions.

She turned and started toward Sam—it was very late and she was still very sleepy, so she wanted to
go home with him. They could not afford to relax before Damian arrived and they actually signed the
agreement for the joint venture. All they could do was catch some sleep in between.

However, Ryan caught her wrist with a vice-like grip just as she turned, not letting go of her no matter
how she tried to free herself.

Sam glared coldly at Ryan, his knuckles always clenched.

Still, just as he was about to make his way over to them, Ryan suddenly said, “What you just did makes
everything clear, Quinn!”

“What did I do?” Quinn asked in confusion.

“While you were in a daze, you walked up to me when I called out to you. That could only mean that
the one in your heart is me, so stop pretending. I promise I’ll be good to you from now on, and I swear I

won’t leave you ever again-“

“You’re not in my heart,” Quinn retorted.

Ryan glared at her furiously, even as she explained, “Like you said-1 was following you because I was
in a daze. It was just a knee-jerk response, and I did not even realize it was you. At best, I thought your
voice was familiar enough to differentiate it from a stranger’s or a villain’s.”

As Ryan kept glaring at her viciously, Sam stayed silent nearby, working hard not to spring forward
toward them.

Like Ryan had put it, Quinn’s inadvertent reaction could well have been how she really felt.

She was only recently warming up to Sam because she still held grievances against Ryan, and she still
believed that she was the reason Sam was in jail for three years.

Nonetheless, Quinn continued to meet Ryan’s gaze without flinching. “Perhaps I can also put it this
way-you’ve conditioned me. I was so used to going along with your arrangements and doing what you
tell me without once resisting. Perhaps my subconscious still retains that habit from childhood, and I
followed you without hesitation when you called out to me. But now, I’ll do my best to fix that habit. If

Ryan’s whole body was shaking in fury, the rage in his eyes palpable.

Even then, he could not accept the reality that Quinn no longer loved him, that she would be unmoved
even after he started making efforts to woo her and deferred to her!

In his mind, Quinn was always his, and she would always return to him whenever he desired, certainly
not rejecting him more and more like this!

Ryan’s inability to accept that reality left him gradually overcome by his emotions. Throwing all
hesitation out the window right then, he started dragging Quinn in full force.

He would never allow Quinn to leave him or let her belong to any other man!

Quinn’s hand ached terribly under Ryan’s vice-like grip, and she started to panic as she was virtually
being dragged along.

She could actually feel that he was not in his right mind either—he usually was composed enough and
would never behave like this!

In her horror, she was about to cry out to Sam when Ryan suddenly stopped, and she looked up to find
Sam already standing in front of Ryan, holding him by the wrist and forcing him to free her!

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