A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1402

Sam’s lips curled upward.

It was not obvious, but it was clear that he was in good spirits.

Quinn did not impose either and picked up her laptop to start work as she settled on her couch. She
was naturally fully supportive of Sam as he was improving by the day and would give him more time to
deal with his work.

She logged into the company’s official chat group-even if she set her status to ‘busy’, she would always
take notice whenever there was an update.

However, she was probably not the only one who was stunned when she logged in-everyone else
would probably be left in disbelief too!

After all, Sam was repeatedly typing her name into the group!

Quinn looked up to see Sam looking serious behind his computer, but the messages that said nothing
but [Quinn] kept coming…

“Is your computer bugged, Sam?” Quinn asked him just then.

“What?” Sam seemed to come to his senses just then-he was spacing out for a moment, not sure
where his mind had drifted off to.

Either way, he was feeling good.

Quinn walked up to his desk and checked his screen to find that he had yet another [Quinn] in his
textbox, ready to be sent.

Sam finally realized that, along with the many other [Quinn] messages he had already sent in the

He was flabbergasted-his mind was definitely so full with thoughts about Quinn just now, but he never
noticed that!

Just then, someone typed in the group: [Was Mr. Saunders flirting with Ms. Summer? Wrong chat,

As soon as it was typed, another message from the same person followed: [Whoops. Wrong chat!]

Both messages were soon deleted, while Sam finally recovered from his shock to realize that the
messages could be deleted. However, when he tried to do that, it was past the two-minute limit and
hence could not be deleted.

Quinn was still standing beside him, and the air between them was suddenly awkward.

For once, Sam felt so embarrassed he could hide himself in some hole, just as Quinn was left at a loss.

She really thought that his computer was hit by a virus, but she could not lie to herself after seeing his

But why would he do that? Plus, it almost seemed subconscious.

Though her heart skipped a beat, she did not dwell on it nor did she ask Sam.

After all, she could not ask him directly if he liked her!

Even so, the thought sent her heart racing, and she avoided looking directly at Sam.

Sam was not looking at her either.

As such, the awkwardness stayed between them for a while, since he was not explaining himself and
she was not asking.

They finally came to their senses when they heard the knock on the door-an executive member
entered, document in hand, to submit a report.

Quinn quickly moved aside, appearing nonchalant…

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