A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1400

Quinn stared at Ryan quietly, suspicion lurking just beneath her eyes.

She had always trusted Ryan ever since they were children, convinced that he was more mature than
their peers, smarter, and more protective of her.

Now, however, she suddenly started wondering if she had misunderstood something about him.

In fact, she thought his behavior at the moment was so childish she had no idea where to start.

She certainly had no idea how Ryan could say something so easily, especially when he obviously knew
that she and Sam were married. She had also repeatedly told him that she was doing fine with Sam at
the moment too, and that there was no way she would rekindle her relationship with Ryan.

Moreover, Ryan also obviously knew that as Saunderia’s acting board chairman, Sam’s decisions
would decide Saunderia’s development. He especially needed Quinn’s help since he was under huge

And yet, Ryan brazenly spouted such thoughtless words and appeared so selfish!

On the other hand, Ryan scowled since Quinn stayed silent.” What, is there an issue?”

“Are you really here to work, Ryan?” Quinn asked bluntly. “Or perhaps you think so lowly of Sam that
you’re dead sure he can’t manage Saunderia at all and came to keep an eye on him?!”

“Of course I’m here to work.” Ryan snorted. “Why else would I apply for leave, put aside my important
research work, and come here?! And yes, I do think lowly of Sam. I’m sure he’s not going to do well—if
anything, he’ll get full of himself and throw his weight around if he accomplishes anything at all.
Saunderia will not survive his abuse.”

“I somehow get this feeling that you don’t want him to succeed,” Quinn muttered.

Why else would Ryan insult Sam like that or be so intent in taking her away from Sam?

Forget her abilities—she knew Saunderia better than Sam, and she always gave her very best to the
company without any ulterior motives.

Nonetheless, Ryan’s face fell right then. “Did Sam brainwash you or something?! Why wouldn’t I want
him to succeed? I couldn’t ask for more if he can keep Saunderia afloat, what with Dad being sick and
a successor being needed. I can’t share his burden, so of course I want Sam to keep things together!”

“Then you have a strange way of showing it,” Quinn said bluntly, looking him in the eye. “Every board
member was praising and encouraging him. You did not do that at all and kept doubting him instead!”

“That’s why I’m worried Sam can’t grow up! Do you think the board is right, fawning over him after
measly accomplishment?! No! They’re just going to spoil him, and do you think Sam would keep doing
his best once he gets full of himself?! I’m whipping him into shape!”

“We’re all adults,” Quinn said quietly. “Are you really unable to differentiate between what’s good and
what’s not?”

“Are you doubting me, Quinn?!” Ryan demanded coldly, finally losing all patience.

“Would you believe me if I told you I’m not?” Quinn smiled, seeing the clear skepticism on his face. “By
how you’re treating Sam, I doubt you’re trying to ‘whip him into shape’.”

“Quinn!!!” Ryan screamed, stunned that Quinn would actually fight him over Sam!

Was she this stupid?! Could she not tell who between him and Sam was better, or who deserved her

“I’m sorry, Ryan, but I’m going to have to refuse,” Quinn said, not backing down. “Sam needs me very
much right now, and I’ll stay at his side. I’ll have Peter make the arrangements if you need an assistant
or a secretary.”

And with those words, she left without a pause or waiting for Ryan’s approval.

Once outside the office, however, she took a deep breath— she was hardly as determined as she
looked, since she never could refuse anything Ryan asked.

Today, however, was the day she finally stepped out of his shadow.

She would never mindlessly compromise herself for him now!

And in the office, Ryan was glaring at the door, having watched as Quinn left so briskly without caring
how he felt… or at all!

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