A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1258

Zoe turned toward her gift envelope, expecting not even ten percent of Jay’s, and opened it right in
front of Nancy.

However, Zoe found nothing inside her envelope and could blow up right then.

What the hell…

Nancy really knew how to upset her!

Still, Nancy could tell what Zoe was thinking from the latter’s reaction. “Keep looking.”

“For what?!” Zoe snapped, speechless. “Lint?!”

She then felt something small inside-could Nancy insult her any further?!

It had been years, but she was still so petty!

“Just take out what’s inside already!” Nancy snapped sternly then.

She was not worried that Zoe would misunderstand, but she was really afraid that Zoe would be so pig-
headed she would throw the envelope away.

Zoe was certainly reluctant, but she had been obedient to Nancy for years and did as she was told.

And when she did, she was stunned to find that it was not a lint but an emerald ring instead.

It also looked so familiar she had the feeling that she had seen it before…

“Your grandmother…” Nancy blurted but quickly paused to correct herself. “It belonged to my mom.
She passed it to me before she died.”

Zoe was shocked. “Why would you give me something so valuable?”

Nancy could die right then.

Why did she give it to her? Was that not obvious?!

“No way… it’s my dowry?!” Zoe suddenly exclaimed

“Who are you to me? Why should I give you a dowry?!” Nancy denied it right then. “It’s because you’re
Jay’s wife, and that more or less makes you family.

And that’s why you’re given a Levine family heirloom.”

Zoe pouted to think she actually felt touched.

Still, she was optimistic as always, and she asked, “Does that mean you’re acknowledging me?”

“Doesn’t matter if I do. The whole world knows that you’re Jay’s wife now.”

Nancy snorted in disdain.

“And you’re really the most stubborn woman in the world.” Zoe beamed.

Nancy was stumped.

She certainly did not expect that a day would come when Zoe left her speechless.

She turned away, not inclined to waste her breath with Zoe-Zoe could think whatever she liked.

Looking at Cordy and John just then, Nancy appeared more friendly as she smiled. “Your turn.”

“Have some tea, Aunt Nancy,” John said respectfully, and Nancy drank it before giving him a gift
envelope too.

“Have some tea, Aunt Nancy,” Cordy said after John.

After she finished this time, Nancy took a red pouch she had been keeping behind her.

Cordy appeared surprised, while the others watched Nancy with great interest as she opened the
pouch, taking out an emerald bangle.


“This is an heirloom from Johnny’s grandmother-it’s a talisman for safety, and she wore it her whole life.
It’s also an antique, a collector’s item of inestimable value… anyway, take good care of it.”

With those words, Nancy took Cordy’s hand and slid it onto her fair, slender wrist.

Cordy was left stunned.

Before she could speak, however, Zoe snapped in displeasure, “Playing favorites are we, Ms. Levine?
Why do I get a ring while Cordy gets a bangle?!”

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