A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1393

The conference room was at once lively, with everyone’s attention fixed on Ryan, most of them

On the other hand, Sam suffered rebuke as soon as he came. Although he had managed to gain some
extent of approval now, he was once again anonymous with Ryan’s appearance.

Quinn glanced at Sam just then, taking note of the change in expression on his face.

So she was not the only one annoyed with Ryan’s presence- he was too.

Saunderia was now back on track under Sam’s management, and Ryan would have interrupted the
current flow of events.

It was also obvious that the board preferred Ryan, even if he never helped with Saunderia at all-all his
intelligence was used entirely on scientific research, and science and business were two completely
different things!

Naturally, Quinn did not say that out loud-Ryan was doing this because he wanted to help Saunderia
out of their current crisis, so she had no reason to complain.

It was the same for Sam too.

However, Ryan looked pointedly at Sam just then and asked, “Are you upset that I’m here, Sam?”

“Nope,” Sam replied. Nothing’s better since you’re here to help. You’re smart, and the company would
develop further with you.”

“I hope that’s spoken from your heart.” Ryan smiled in disdain, never sparing Sam at all times.

Used to it, Sam simply brought up the agenda of the meeting. “We’re discussing the joint venture. As
things stand, there has been no response from Damian Craig, but I was there myself. I personally
believe that our chances are bright-all we need is time. But during this uncertain period while the new
energy car project is being put on ice, our project management would be left in disarray.”

“For one, many personnel are involved in the project, and as things drag on, the manpower cost will
increase. To make things worse, they don’t know what to do, and they’ll work in fear every day as long
as we don’t give them a clearly defined goal. Moreover, what are we planning to achieve with this
project? Are we supposed to go all in, or is it supposed to be a backup plan? These are the strategies
we need to decide on, and we need to utilize Saunderia’s resources suitably.”

Sam paused for a moment after the long exposition before continuing, “Now, we will discuss two
agendas. The first is the plan for the new energy car project should our proposed joint venture be
approved and personnel management in that case. The second is to scrap the new energy car project
entirely to plug the leaking capital if the joint venture falls through.”

The board was silent and thoughtful-they must weigh their words before speaking at such an important

On the other hand, Ryan was left staring at Sam, stopping short of gaping.

While Sam had been supposedly working for a while, Ryan was told that it was their father who forced
him to, and he never really cared about it. In other words, Sam had only been working seriously
recently, but the composure and meticulous attitude he displayed left Ryan in disbelief.

How could Sam change so dramatically?! This was the same Sam whom he always thought to be

Still, Gilbert spoke up just then. “Since you’re here, Ryan, you should know about Saunderia’s situation
as well. Why don’t you tell us what you think? Us old folks would like to hear what you young people
have to say.”

He obviously had high hopes for Ryan.

Ryan in turn remained calm and composed, having had Peter Lang work overnight to brief him about
the company’s situation-especially on the joint venture.

As such, Ryan said bluntly, “I personally think that after everyone here and my father has given their all
the new energy car project, I propose to keep it instead of so-called scrapping it.”

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