A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1394

“We’re continuing to lose capital on the project, and that will go on if we can’t get the joint venture,”
Sam retorted. “I’m only proposing scrapping the new energy car project if the proposed joint venture is
turned down. If we get it, we’re definitely going through with it. We’re simply discussing the policy
implemented for both scenarios to be prepared for anything so Saunderia has a strategic goal to strive

“I don’t think you’re getting the joint venture,” Ryan said bluntly. “Or to put it frankly, I hold no hope in
your business trip. We can presume there won’t be one.”

Sam pursed his lips-Ryan was directly denying his competence in front of the entire board.

And perhaps because he had been bullied ever since they were children, it was as if there was this
vast gap between them.

As if when Ryan said that he was a failure, he was exactly that.

And seeing that Sam was not speaking up, Ryan continued calmly, “That’s why we can just forget
about the so-called joint venture and plan the company’s direction in the absence of it. And I made it
very clear earlier-l do not agree with the new energy car project being scrapped. We shall continue to
pour all our resources into it even without the joint venture.”

“The entire project has completely stalled,” Sam reminded him.

“Because there weren’t proper promotion efforts.”

“Any promotional efforts would be rebuffed with public skepticism regarding product quality.”

“Then we can prove its quality ourselves,” Ryan said slowly and clearly.

As Sam looked on, Ryan revealed his proposal. “It’s simple- why would there be product confidence if
we don’t use it ourselves? I hence propose that all personnel in Saunderia- from executives to the
janitor-switch to using our cars. The public would naturally come to trust our cars’ quality at that point
and be willing to purchase it.”

Ryan’s proposal left everyone including Sam and Quinn in stunned silence.

Ryan raised a brow. “If no one’s speaking up, I’ll take it that everyone’s in agreement.”

The board members traded glances, but no one spoke in fear of causing hurt feelings.

Still, Sam suddenly said, “Ryan…”

As Ryan turned toward him, he asked, “When you say that we’ll have the entire company buy our own
cars… Were you joking?”

“I never joke around,” Ryan said bluntly. “I personally despise wasting time.”

“Then, did you think things through before suggesting this?”

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