A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1392

The car was silent as Quinn reclined against her seat and rested her eyes.

After having discussed it with Ryan just now, all she could think about was work. It was also concerning
since there had been no word from Damian, and if the plan for a joint venture fell through, Saunderia
would suffer a huge loss anyway.

Still, Sam suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you leave with Ryan when he asked?”

Quinn actually flinched-she was too engrossed with her thoughts and did not expect him to say
something out of the blue.

As she took a moment and realized what Sam was saying, she frowned. “Why would I leave with him?”

“You… With him…” Sam trailed off hesitantly, and anyone watching would see that he was clenching
his knuckles without realizing it. “Don’t you have feelings for him anymore?”

His heart was pounding even as he asked that, unsure what response Quinn would give.

“Nope,” Quinn said bluntly.

As Sam’s heart skipped a beat, he repressed his excitement and kept his tone neutral. “You liked him a
lot before, didn’t


“That’s before, like you said. Things seem to have cooled off after so much has happened.” Quinn
smiled. “Some relationships are just fragile, I guess.”

Hers and Ryan certainly did not withstand the test of time.

Still, even she was surprised that she got over Ryan so easily.

Sam gulped just then. “If you really don’t have feelings for him anymore, stay away from him so that he
won’t get any funny ideas.”

“Yeah.” Quinn agreed to it right away.

She did not want Ryan to get any funny ideas, and she had already made herself very clear before-
perhaps Ryan would understand in time that they were never getting back together.

The next morning, the board meeting was about to begin when the doors suddenly swung open, and
everyone turned to find Ryan entering.

The whole room was left staring at him, stunned with confusion as he calmly found himself a seat, and
began quietly, “I heard that Saunderia is facing difficulties lately, so I applied for leave from my unit to

The board was naturally pleased to hear that-everyone knew that Marvin’s two sons were polar

Obviously, Ryan was the one whom they fawned over ever since he was a child. He was now working
with the country’s leading figures, each of whom were feared and respected by millions.

That was why no one would protest Ryan’s offer to assist with the ongoing crisis.

In fact, they had high hopes for him!

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