A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1387

Quinn hesitated for a moment, but she eventually answered. “Yes, Ryan?”

“Where are you?! Where’s Sam?! Dad was rushed to the ER again!” Ryan bellowed furiously over the

Quinn froze, though she soon recovered. “We’ll be there right now.”

“What is it?” Sam certainly noticed the look on her face.

“Your Dad was rushed to the ER again,” Quinn said, working hard to stay calm.

Nonetheless, Sam stopped working right away and rushed out of his office, and Quinn hurried after him
as they both rushed to the hospital.

When they arrived, Marvin was already wheeled out of the ER.

Sam was going up to Marvin when Ryan stopped him. “You have no right to be near Dad!”

While Sam gritted his teeth, Lindsay glanced at him for a moment. Still, she was more concerned about
her husband and asked the doctor, “How’s my husband?”

“Don’t worry, ma’am-it’s nothing that serious,” the doctor assured her. too hard when he was having a
bowel movement. That

increased abdominal pressure and blood pressure, which led to fainting with the lowered blood supply
to the brain. Just be more careful-he’s a little weak after surgery, but it’s advisable that he gets out of
bed to walk around a little just to help with his bowel movements.”

Lindsay heaved a huge sigh of relief-Marvin’s fainting almost scared the daylights out of her. “Oh, thank
you, doctor.”

Ryan just happened to visit again, and he helped alert the doctors while wheeling Marvin to the ER.

“It’s alright,” the doctor replied and added, “The patient should take notice when it comes to his diet as
well and ensure intake of high fiber foods. I’ll also prescribe medicine including laxatives should Mr.
Saunders have trouble with bowel movements-just don’t push yourself given your body’s condition at
the moment.”

“Yes, doctor. Thank you.”

After the doctor issued further instructions, they brought Mavin back to his ward.

However, no sooner had Marvin lay down in bed than Ryan was already shouting at Sam, “Can’t you
take care of Dad for just one day, Sam?! Don’t you know how scared Mom was when she had to see
Dad faint alone? What if I hadn’t rushed back on a plane after work earlier?! She was crying! Show
some sense of responsibility and stay with them instead of playing around like you always do!”

Sam glowered but stayed silent-he never explained himself anyway.

Quinn quickly said in turn, “He wasn’t playing nor was he being irresponsible. He was working overtime
with me at Saunderia.”

“Working? Overtime?” Ryan was clearly skeptical.

Both Marvin and Lindsay were shocked.

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