A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1252

“It’s alright.” John smiled. “Just having her near is fine.”

Wendy looked on, watching him smile with such tenderness and contentment…

She could hardly describe how she felt just then.

It turned out that John loved her with all his heart, while she thought he was dating Wendy.

The scene then changed to Richard, John, and Wendy discussing how to take a family photo.

They talked for a while until Cordy arrived, and they took the family with just Cordy, John, and Richard.

She could not help glancing at John, noticing that he was nervously raising his hand and lowering it
repeatedly, refraining from putting it on her shoulder.

The scene changed again to the afternoon when John was baking a cake.

Richard was hurrying him, saying, “Mommy’s coming downstairs. Wendy, get clingy with Daddy.”

Then, as Wendy snuggled up against John as he worked, Cordy remembered that it was exactly what
she saw when she arrived at the kitchen at the time.

So it was all just an act.

As she watched the video, she watched Richard asking John to teach him how to bake cookies.

She was too preoccupied with the cookies at the time to look at John’s face, though he was behind her
anyway so she could not see.

But in the video, she could see the boundless tender love in his eyes…

At the time, she thought he preferred them young and had developed a taste for novelty and

After that scene, it was now a scene of John drinking himself silly.

Before he did, however, he and Richard were talking about how he could get an excuse to stay the

Honestly, these two…

Cordy shot John a look, who pursed his lips and wondered why he let Richard put that in too.

He guessed he trusted his son too much-he would have looked through it if he knew, even if Richard
insisted it was a surprise that must only be unwrapped on their wedding night.

And now, things got awkward!

The video was soon over, and Richard’s face appeared on video as she said, “Mommy, this is my
wedding present for you and Daddy. Did you like it? I don’t even know if you’ll see it… I mean, if you
didn’t marry Daddy, this video would only be kept for posterity.”

Cord/s sight was blurred with tears.

Would she have let Richard down if she had rejected John’s proposal today?

She could scarcely imagine how disappointed he would be.

Nonetheless, Richard continued earnestly on the video, “But no matter what happens, Mommy, I love
you very, very much. I think I’m the happiest boy ever, ever since Daddy told me who you were. I mean,
I was blessed with a mommy who is so kind, so beautiful and so warm. And before I

show you our family photo, I want to say I hope we’ll always be together forever, and if it’s possible, I
want a sibling too.”

When Richard was finished, the family photo of Cordy, Richard, and John together at her home
appeared on screen.

Wendy took that photo for them, and Cordy had always thought the photo looked awkward.

And yet, Cordy saw that they were all smiling very happily…

She pursed her lips.

Perhaps all her determination before was just stubbornness…

She blinked as the skies overhead suddenly erupted with brilliant fireworks

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