A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1251

As Cordy stepped into the mansion and reached the edge, she turned to find countless myriad colored
lights turning on in an instant, as if all the stars from the skies were falling down.

She was certainly surprised, because it was a sight more astounding than those lights at the island
they stayed at.

She wondered how much time John spent preparing the surprise… and was it really for her and not

If she never said yes today, all his preparations would have gone to waste, no?

Cordy looked at John then, and followed his gaze to see the huge LED screen in the garden, which
suddenly flashed into life with photos of her… since her childhood.

Cordy was surprised-how did he get those?! She had basically lost them!

John seemed to read the question in her mind and said, “I met your father.”

Cordy pursed her lips.

“I know you’d never forgive him, which was why I did not invite him to our wedding,’ John continued.
“However, I managed to get a lot of your photos from Sachs Mansion, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want
them kept there.”

Cordy nodded-that was certainly true, since those photos of her childhood were taken by her mother.

Her eyes welled with tears.

If her mother were still around…

“I was going to invite the Cranstons here to North City too, but I was afraid… N

John trailed off, but Cordy could understand that he would be left in an awkward situation if he invited
the Cranstons, only for her to reject his proposal.

Moreover, the Crastons’s presence would pressure her into saying yes, no?

John had certainly thought of everything.

Even if she lied to herself earlier that she was just sparing John the blushes, that his bride was meant
to be Wendy… it would be plain denial if she still maintained that belief.

These photos that she did not even remember she had, John found them all for her.

She watched as the last photo flashed past, thinking that the video was over, only for more to be

She gasped in surprise as John explained, ’This is Dicky’s present for us.”

Indeed, Richard’s handsome little face was now on screen, appearing a little nervous.

He took a deep breath and said, ”Mommy, I don’t know if you’ll ever see this video, but I hope you
will… Because I really want you to get back together with Daddy.”

Cordy could not stop her tears as she looked at her son on screen, feeling that she owed him so, so

“Remember this? I said it’s a family VCR for a school project, but there was no project. I just wanted
you to get back with Daddy, so I made an opportunity so that you can spend time with Daddy,” Richard
said, while the footage showed the many moments he captured at Cordy’s house that day.

John was in the video, cooking in the kitchen.

‘These are all Mommy’s favorites, Daddy.”

“Yeah,’ John replied.

“Should I wake her up?” “Nope. Let her sleep.”

“But you’ll have less time with Mommy…’

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