A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1247

Quinn pressed herself against Sam, who frowned and wondered if she was doing it on purpose.

He gulped, worried that he would make a weird sound while his whole body stiffened.

He had no intention to care since he had seen plenty of action and would never be easily seduced…

Suddenly, Sean grunted as Quinn continued to play with fire, sliding her leg over his tie while she
pressed herself against his back.

“Are you trying to seduce me, Quinn?” he asked her in an eerily quiet voice.

Quinn could not detect a hint of emotion from him at all—he was simply not interested in her.

Even so, she boldly admitted to her schemes. “Yes.”

“It’s a little clumsy…”

“Then teach me,” Quinn said bluntly.

“I only know how to enjoy.” Sam snorted.

As Quinn was left biting her lip, he added, “I’m wide awake now. You can stay in bed.”

With that, he got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Quinn watched as he went, her eyes welling with tears-how much did Sam despise her, that he would
wash himself after touching her?!

Could anything ever bloom out of their marriage, and should she actually persevere?

The wedding dinner was much more relaxed than the ceremony in the afternoon.

There were no particularly noteworthy events as the guests drank, sang, recounted the good old days,
and offered their blessings to the newlyweds.

While the hosts did not have much to worry about or stay very late for the dinner, it did not mean they
could leave early either.

Zoe was in fine spirits, since she slept after getting drunk in the afternoon, leaving John and Cordy to
greet the guests.

And now that she was energetic in the afternoon, Cordy kept yawning and looked obviously distracted.

“Are you sleepy? Want to get to bed?” John whispered into Cordy’s ear.

Cordy, who was still feeling muddled, was wide awake when she heard the word ‘bed’.

“I’m alright. I’m fine,” she said, shaking her head right then.

John raised a brow—she had been yawning endlessly, but he did not expose her and quietly arranged
for a car.

“Drink up, Cordy! It’s the evening, so you can drink, right?”

Zoe exclaimed just then, getting a little buoyed again after drinking at the party.

Cordy rolled her eyes at Zoe-Zoe slept plenty, and now she was tormenting Cordy again.

“Nope.” Cordy refused languidly.

“Why?” Zoe snapped grumpily. “It’s your own wedding. Why don’t you let loose?”

Cordy was speechless-Zoe certainly did let loose, letting her take on everything.

“No, I’ll pass. I’m not in good shape today.”

“Fine,” Zoe stopped pressing the issue, since Cordy definitely must have her reason for refusal.

As such, Zoe picked up her glass and happily ran off to another corner to keep drinking.

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