A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1245

Zoe felt pure bliss from Jay’s words and was grinning as she went around the tables with him, greeting
their guests.

Her happiness was palpable. Everyone could feel it, and there was no hiding it.

As the four of them arrived at Nancy’s table, she glanced at them for a moment before quickly turning

Zoe pursed her lips but she did not mind-she had said during her speech just now that Nancy could do
anything she wanted.

Zoe would just ignore it since she would not be the one who would die from sheer frustration.

However, Nancy said just then, “Congratulations, Johnny, Cordy.”

She always was a little too enthusiastic toward John.

“Thank you, Aunt Nancy,” John replied respectfully.

Nancy glanced at Cordy in turn, who smiled and greeted her in turn, “Thank you, Aunt Nancy.”

John’s heart skipped a beat, but he stayed calm.

Nancy was his only elder left, and Cordy addressing her as aunt was undoubtedly acknowledging that
she was now family-it was hard not for him to feel excited.

“Head home early tomorrow,” Nancy said. “I’ll be waiting.”

“Okay.” John nodded.

That was when Zoe said, “Jay and I will be coming too. Remember to cook some more.”

Nancy turned toward Zoe.

The way she said it… as if it was only natural.

Nancy turned away, huffing. “You won’t go hungry.”

Zoe smiled-it was impolite, but it was not a rejection.

After all, Nancy could not do anything against her now.

With that, they moved on to the next table after the toasts and were eventually done greeting all the
guests at every table.

Zoe was absolutely famished as they sat at the main table, and she asked Cordy while eating, “Aren’t
you hungry Cordy?

I was starving. I didn’t know getting married is so tiring.”

“Slow down.” Cordy smiled. “You have an appearance to maintain. You’re the bride.”

“I won’t bother-it’s not easy for me to eat at my own wedding luncheon. And where’s my alcohol?” They
were toasting guests with mineral water, after all.

How could a banquet go without alcohol?!

As she got a waiter to bring a bottle of vodka, Cordy gaped at her. “Are you being serious, Zoe?!”

But even as she watched, Zoe poured herself a glass and chugged it impatiently.

She seemed revitalized after she drank it and asked Cordy,” Want some?”

“Nope.” Cordy refused—they would make a scene if they got drunk.

“Really?” Zoe pressed.


“Alright. Drink with me, Quinn.” Zoe turned toward Quinn.

Quinn had just left to get some food, but she returned to them soon enough and was eating as well
after they greeted all the guests.

“That might be inappropriate.” Quinn refused too-brides and bridesmaids were not supposed to get
drunk at weddings.

“What’s inappropriate? I’m the boss today. Get drunk with me right now,” Zoe snapped, pouring Quinn
a glass without giving her a chance to refuse.

Quinn had no choice but to drink a few glasses with Zoe.

Zoe was certainly headstrong-what was worse, Jay let her be.

There was somehow the feeling that he was always smiling as she messed around.

It was a picture of bliss.

Nonetheless, Zoe had even less restraint the more she drank and Cordy really could not help stopping
her right then. “Cut it out. How are you going to greet your guests if you’re drunk?”

“I have you girls, no? I’m going to bed soon,” Zoe said, as if it was only natural.

Cordy rolled her eyes—Zoe really knew how to make her arrangements.

Still, Zoe was quite thrilled, and she drank a lot.

It would have been fine if it was just her-Quinn was starting to look tipsy since Zoe had been egging her

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