A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1243

Bob nodded slightly without responding much.

Cora had more to say, but he said bluntly, “The newlyweds are here. I’m joining them.”

And with that, Bob strode past her, leaving Cora’s eyes welling with tears.

She had already made the first move, but did Bob still have to be so cold?

Meanwhile, Nancy had been watching her every move.

She was worried that Cora would be uncomfortable since it was Zoe’s wedding, and it was
understandable for Cora to be jealous given her connection to Zoe and with Zoe finding her happiness.

Naturally, she saw Bob rejecting Cora, and she walked up to Cora. “Cora.”

Cora’s eyes welled with tears. “He’s really abandoning me.”

“It’s alright. I can find you a better man-there’s no need to hurt yourself for Bob-”

“But he’s the only one I love,” Cora said miserably. “Is Bob still unable to let go even after Zoe is

“Give him some time. Give yourself some time,” Nancy told her.

Cora looked at her then. “Mom, do I pale in comparison to Zoe-“

“No/ Nancy snapped, cutting her short. “You just haven’t met the right person.”

Cora lowered her gaze.

The right person.

Who was her right person?

How could Zoe find her happiness so easily but not her?!

Even as Nancy tried to reassure Cora, she glanced at Zoe and saw the blissful smile on Zoe’s face.

She should feel upset, but Zoe’s happiness was somehow infectious.

Still, she turned away and led Cora aside, quietly consoling her.

Zoe inadvertently spotted them while continuing to greet the guests and saw Bob coming over to her
from the same direction.

“Bob,” she called out, and he walked upto her.

He was the best man and was supposed to tag along with the newlyweds, but he had to eat something
since he was too hungry.

Sam had yet to eat since he had been taking his place, so Bob told him quietly, “Go on. Get some

Sam did not refuse and handed Bob the wine bottle containing mineral water. “Refill it when it’s empty.
I’ll be right back after I eat.”

“Just go. I’ll be around-don’t worry.”

Sam was about to leave when he paused and asked Quinn, “Are you coming?”

While Quinn did a double take, Sean said flatly, “Bob’s here. Just eat something for now.”

Cordy quickly turned toward Quinn. “Go get something to eat, Quinn. Bob will be enough.”

Quinn nodded and walked with Sean toward the buffet area in silence.

Although they had moved out of Saunders Mansion and lived together in a separate home, there was
no meaningful development at all.

They slept in different rooms and were awake during different hours—they could even go weeks
without seeing each other.

“Sam,” Quinn suddenly called out to him.

“Yeah?” he replied coolly.

“Can we go home together tonight?” Quinn asked.

Sam did a double take

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