A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1239

Cordy headed to the anteroom as a bridesmaid and was now suddenly a bride.

This wedding would certainly go down as one of the more astounding ones in history!

She put on the bridal dress she tried on before, and it really seemed to be tailored according to her
body’s measurements.

Still, she found herself in a daze, as if it was all unreal.

Just yesterday, she felt that there was such an insurmountable distance between them, only for them to
get married today.

“Wow, that bridal gown is just so gorgeous! You look so beautiful in it!’ The staff were fawning over

Even Quinn, who was in the anteroom with Cordy, was dazzled by the dress.

She certainly looked exceedingly beautiful, and Quinn was unsure to praise her or the dress-both
seemed to fuse together.

“I really doubt that the bridal dress was not tailored according to your measurement.” She could not
help sighing.

As Cordy glanced at her through the dressing mirror, she smiled. “To think I’d be a bridesmaid twice in
one day. Who knew?”

Cordy smiled and blushed faintly—she never expected to get married either.

“Come on. Let’s not keep your groom waiting, and the guests are looking forward to the luncheon as
well,” Quinn urged.

Cordy nodded and stepped through the miniature castle arch that was supposed to be Wendy’s.

Through it and her veil, she could see John in the distance…

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It felt just like a dream… To think that her wedding would be so outrageous!

She had always thought Zoe was already outrageous with a ridiculous wedding, only for her to give
Zoe a run for her money.

She took a deep breath, listening as the emcee announced her and the curtains in front of her parted.

The symphony started playing a beautiful tune as guests applauded and petals danced in the air.

It was a sight of wonder, and yet, the hall was stunned as Cordy walked down the aisle.

‘Heavens! She’s so beautiful!”

‘Is this real? It feels so much like a painting!”

“I know Cordy is beautiful, but this is ridiculous. It’s like her beauty is infinite!”

Cordy could hear the gasps around her and actually felt a little nervous just then.

Zoe had kept saying she was nervous before as well, but now Cordy had the feeling that Zoe was just
tricking them to liven the atmosphere.

After all, right now, she was really nervous that she had held her breath since forever, and her whole
body shuddered.

As Quinn accompanied Cordy down the red carpet-the second time for the day as a bridesmaid-she
could sense Cordy’s nervousness.

She was surprised that someone who had seen action like Cordy would get nervous over something
this trivial.

Truly, she would be lying if she ever said she did not love John.

It was all restraint and self-deceit.

John’s eyes in turn never left Cordy as she walked upstage and upto him- he kept staring as if worried
she would run away.

His spirit felt disembodied when she headed to the anteroom to change into her bridal gown, and it felt
like he got her back when she appeared before him again.

He reached out to take Cordy’s hand, though he soon lowered his hand.

He had no idea if Cordy was willing to let him take her hand or if it would irritate her.

Even if she agreed to marry him, he would not hope that Cordy still loved him.

She might have done it to save him the blushes or for Richard

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