A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1228

The curtains of both miniature castles slid open.

Zoe took a deep breath, feeling nervous if not mostly excited.

She maintained a prim smile nonetheless, since that was a mandatory standard of a star actress, and
she strode out of the miniature castle arch with the accompaniment of music.

Without a father, and since Jay had trouble walking, she walked down the aisle alone toward Jay up
their section of the stage.

The guests were seated along the red carpet covered in petals, and she had not taken more than a few
steps when she glanced aside.

Behind her, Cordy and Quinn turned too, surprised to find no bride emerging from the arch.

The guests were surprised as well, but no one asked any questions so that they did not impede the

As such, Zoe continued striding along amid the romantic atmosphere and up the stage, walking straight
toward Jay.

Still, she glanced at the empty spot nearby, while the emcee was obviously left flustered as well.

He walked toward John, seemingly to discuss proceedings since his bride was not there.

Still, after just a few seconds of discussion, the emcee returned to Zoe and Jay’s side and announced,
“There may be two weddings, but each will be conducted separately. John will leave the stage as he
takes a break and awaits his bride, while let’s get started with Zoe and Jay’s wedding!”

Thunderous applause rang through the hall, while the emcee gestured,’

Step forward please, Zoe, Jay.”

Zoe pushed Jay to the center of the stage, while Cordy and Quinn stayed at the edge.

John’s castle arch was opened just now, but now it was closed again.

And she clearly did not see a bride inside just now.

In other words…

Cordy pursed her lips-she should not be worried about this.

Returning her attention to Zoe and Jay, the priest was reading their vows.

“Jay Parker, do you take this woman as your beloved wife, to cherish her in sickness and in health, ’till
death do you part?”

“I do,” Jay replied solemnly.

“Zoe York-“

“I do,” Zoe said before the priest could finish.

Everyone laughed in amusement, and the emcee could not help chuckling.” It seems our bride is a little
impatient. Don’t worry-the night is still young.”

The hall was rocked with everyone’s laughter at the meaningful joke, livening up the atmosphere to the

Zoe actually blushed in response and flushed harder as she turned to look at Jay.

With that, the emcee announced, “You may now exchange rings. Let’s invite our adorable flower girl.”

Yelena gingerly walked up the red carpet in her pink dress just then, holding the box containing her
parents’ wedding rings

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