A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1234

As she pulled away, Zoe asked, “Can you feel it now?”

She could express her love with actions, after all.

Jay pursed his lips but did not answer, although his hand tightened over hers without knowing it.

“They’re starting,” Zoe quickly told him.

Jay took a deep breath, deciding that he really should get used to Zoe-her emotions lasted no more
than a couple seconds before changing.

He turned toward the stage then, though he had to admit that the second wedding was actually the

He watched as John walked on stage under the emcee’s invitation and took center stage.

The emcee then went through a long opening monologue before announcing toward the castle arch,
“Now, let’s have our bride make her flashy appearance!”

The curtains slowly parted, and everyone saw a woman in a white gown standing there.

Indeed, there was no mistaking it-a gown, not a bridal dress.

After all, it was not Wendy but one of her bridesmaids.

She appeared awkward, unsure what to do just then.

Should she step onto the red carpet, or not?

The guests were feeling the awkwardness of the situation as well, gesturing and whispering when they
saw that only a bridesmaid was there.

Cordy pursed her lips and glanced at John, and she saw the desolation in his eyes.

Still, anyone would feel traumatized to be left at the altar on their wedding day.

In fact, Cordy suspected that Wendy never came, since she was never one who abided by the rules.

If she was here, there would have been some commotion.

And given what Cordy knew about Wendy, it was likely Wendy changed her mind at the last moment
because she had yet to have enough fun for her life, and marrying would make her behavior morally

Just then, the bridesmaid could not help walking down the aisle a little quickly since it was not her
wedding and she did not want to waste anyone’s time.

She hurried to John, held out a USB stick to John, and said loudly, “This is from Wendy. She’s not

And with that, she fled.

John was left staring at the USB stick in silence for a while before he turned toward the emcee. “Please
play this.”


The emcee handed it to a staff member who played the video, showing Wendy dressed in casuals on
the LED screen.

“Sorry, John, but I can’t do this,” she said. “I know you’ve been good to me, and I really like you too, but
I really can’t marry you. I thought I could because you are great in every way, but I flinched today. I
don’t know if I can be a good wife or a good mother because I think I’m still too young to be an adult.

’I’m sorry for my irresponsibility, and I sincerely apologize. I don’t know if I can earn your forgiveness,
but I offer you my earnest blessings regardless… to an eternal union between you and Cordy Sachs.

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