A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1224

‘l-ls he being serious?’

Jay had always been so shy and withdrawn, but he was doing this in front of so many people…


’Let’s see who lasts!’

Zoe never liked losing and began to respond-even going on the attack.

They locked lips for a long while until the people around them could not help reminding them, “Hey, you
two are the main event, but aren’t we on a schedule?”

Zoe and Jay did a double take, realizing then that they were getting too much into it.

As Zoe pulled away, she saw Jay blushing all the way up his ears.

What should she do? She felt like she loved him even more now and wanted to jump him right then.

Wedding? She would rather stay in bed with him.

“Quit staring at each other already,’ Bob snapped, having had enough. ’You two had plenty of action
already, so can’t you be more considerate about the feelings of poor single folks like me? Get married

Jay puckered his lips and sighed quietly, still feeling the touch of Zoe’s lips just then.

Nonetheless, he reached out to take Zoe’s hand, and she firmly grasped him in return before starting
heading out.

That was when someone said, “The groom is taking the bride away without giving presents…”

It was only then that everyone remembered-did those two distract them on purpose so they could skip
out on gifts?! How frustrating!

And at those words, everyone promptly blocked the door to stop Zoe and Jay from leaving.

Jay quickly turned to Bob, who was sharp and quickly said, “Everyone, get your presents here! Come

As he spoke, he poured a stack of gift boxes from his sack, and pandemonium ensued in the living

Cordy and Quinn quickly moved aside.

They could not jump in the fray since they were dressed in gowns and probably would have done the
same if not for the inconvenience.

The crowd seemed to completely ignore Jay and Zoe while they grabbed what they could, and Quinn
was suddenly knocked off balance as she moved.

Cordy was already further ahead and quickly turned to help Quinn, noticing that she was knocked off
her feet. However, there was some distance between them, and she could not move too quickly on

Quinn thought she was going to fall too, since she did not wear gowns much, and her heels were too
high for her to react in time.

But just as she was about to give in, a firm arm caught her right then.

Quinn turned, her heart racing when she saw Sam’s face.

He was naturally going to be there since Jay and John were getting married, but she presumed he
would be staying at John’s since Bob was already with Jay.

She was therefore too surprised to notice Sam here with Bob and Jay a while ago, though she could
also tell that he was clearly keeping his distance, not intending to greet her at all.

As such, she did not approach him.

“Be careful,” he said coolly after helping her to her feet, and he left to help Bob.

Quinn pursed her lips as she watched him leave.

Cordy saw them, and called out to her, “Quinn?”

Quinn came to her senses and hurried off with Cordy, getting into the wedding limousine with Jay and

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