A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1223

Zoe stared at Jay and Yelena, her eyes welling with tears of emotion.

She really wanted to weep, for the sight of them before her was the most blissful moment she had ever

“Mommy,” Yelena called out to her in her soft voice as she held out the bouquet with her little pudgy

Zoe could not stop herself as more tears welled in her eyes.

“Why are you crying, Mommy?” Yelena asked in confusion. “Shouldn’t you be happy you’re marrying
Daddy today?”

“I’m not crying, I just…” Zoe was choking on her tears, unable to explain herself.

“Daddy was crying too,” Yelena suddenly said.

Zoe was left stunned, while Yelena round cheeks curled into a grin. “His eyes were red like yours, and
he told me he wasn’t crying when I asked, just like you, Mommy. You’re both so funny.”

Zoe looked up at Jay, who blushed a little.

He had certainly been so thrilled he could not stop his tears, and he certainly did not expect Yelena to
spill the beans.

He would have been embarrassed any other day, but today, he kept his eyes fixed on Zoe, determined.

‘Yeah. I couldn’t help weeping tears of joy when I remembered that I’d be marrying you soon,” he said.

Zoe was surprised that he would admit it so honestly, and she could not help throwing herself into Jay’s
arms. “I love you to bits, Jay Parker.”

Yelena was being crushed beneath her mommy, her cheeks pressed askew.

Her mommy always lost composure whenever she saw her daddy, and she always stole her daddy
from her.

Surprisingly, Yelena was not fighting her mommy for her daddy today.

After all, her grandma had told her that her daddy belonged to her mommy today because they were
getting married.

And she could afford to let her mommy have her daddy for that long.

Meanwhile, as Zoe and Jay held each other in fierce embrace, everyone seemed affected by their love.

It was at once amusing and emotional, until someone called out, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Zoe and Jay finally realized then that they were hugging each other for too long. As she got up, she
found Yelena beneath, her cheek reddened, and suddenly realized her daughter was exceedingly
disciplined today.

‘Kiss!” Everyone cheered just then.

Zoe glanced at Jay, seated in his wheelchair and unable to move.

She was supposed to take the lead?


She could actually do that much.

She arched her back again, and wrapped her arms around Jay’s neck and planted a huge kiss.


‘The bride is so brave!”

‘That’s Zoe for you! She always does it!”

“Jay Parker, you lucky dog!”

Everyone was thrilled and chattered excitedly.

Zoe was thinking that a brief kiss was actually enough.

She was the main event, but she still had to meet the expectations of the many friends and family who
came to celebrate their wedding.

There was no helping it since she was always too considerate for her friends.

However, just as she was about to pull away, she felt his hand firmly holding the back of her head and
soon felt Jay’s tongue

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