A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1219

Cordy said evenly, “That means it’s his decision. Shouldn’t we respect it?”

Zoe was left speechless by Gordy’s retort, but Cordy could understand where Zoe was coming from-
she could not afford to do nothing given her connection to John, and it was even reasonable for her to
be agitated.

However, there was no uncertainty that Cordy and John had missed out on each other, and that was

“Whatever. I’ll stop here,” Zoe said, giving up right then, perhaps understanding that anything else she
said was pointless just then.

Cordy could sense her disappointment.

However, while there were things where she would stake everything to help Zoe, she was powerless in

“Well, now you just have to wait for our wedding. Just be there on time,” Zoe said.

“Yeah.” Cordy smiled. I’ll properly make time to be a good bridesmaid.”

“I’m hanging up now. Bye.”


Cordy’s smile faded the instant she hung up, and she looked out into the distance.

She thought to herself that she just had to weather through this period, and she would no longer feel
confused after that.

News of John’s wedding soon topped searches, and since it was a joint wedding with Zoe and Jay’s, it
became the talk of the town.

Surprisingly, John never revealed the bride, and the mystery only made everyone anticipate it further.

Everyone was eager to find out the identity of John’s bride, and most rumors claimed it was Cordy.

After all, their relationship was one that was constantly surrounded by rumors, and it was public
knowledge that Richard was John’s son.

And then there was the fact that Cordy is still single after Patrcik left her at the altar, and all the clues
made everyone positive that Cordy was the bride.

That certainly brought her considerable trouble, including frequent ambushes by the media who asked
about her ‘wedding’ with John.

They refused to listen no matter how she denied it, even insisting that she and John were using the
mystery wedding fortheir personal interest.

After all, SYX Corp and Starstream Fashion’s share prices were rocketing upward once John’s
wedding was announced.

The number of paparazzis that were hounding Cordy 24/7 were increasing as well, as if they could not
wait to capture something decisive to prove that she was going to marry John.

Even Sean, who had fallen out of touch for a while, contacted her to ask why he did not receive an
invitation for her wedding with John.

Unable to maintain her innocence at all, she finally gave in and called John. “Can’t you announce the
identity of your bride?”

“Why?” he asked, his tone perfectly neutral.

Cordy could hardly hide her indignation at that. “Everyone’s been saying it’s me, and I have no way to
prove it isn’t. Don’t you check the news at all?!”

“I did.”

“Then why don’t you talk to the press?!”

“That would be unnecessary. The wedding is soon anyway, and they’ll find out by then.”

Cordy actually could not argue against that.

“It’s in less than two weeks,” John added. “I’m a little busy, handling work while preparing for the
wedding. Please be understanding if it has affected you somehow.”

Cordy hung up on him-that man would never be considerate toward her these days, and she was really
asking for it.

As such, she had to endure being hounded for over ten days until Jay and Zoe’s wedding day finally

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