A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1218

In the photo, it looked as if Cordy was John’s bride, and they were really getting married…

Cordy pursed her lips as she stared at it.

She then tore her eyes away and replied to Zoe’s text: [Don’t send that photo anywhere else or tweet it.
It’s inappropriate.]

[Puh-lease. What’s inappropriate about that? The four of us are just gorgeous-we’d be the kings and
queens of showbiz!]

Zoe’s excitement was palpable, but Cordy was stern nonetheless.

[Zoe, I’m not the bride.]

Zoe could actually feel Cordy’s wrath even from behind the screen-she was livid, even.

As such, Zoe quickly replied: [I won’t tweet it. I just wanted to show you how good us four looked. Just
save it for posterity.]

Cordy, however, disagreed-she was adamant that the photo was inappropriate.

Maybe she just wanted to avoid looking at the photo and let her imagination go astray.

Still, it was Zoe’s photo, and it was her freedom if she wanted to save it.

[Aren’t you a little upset, Cordy?] Zoe asked gingerly.

Cordy denied it. [Nope.]

[It feels like you’re upset that John is getting married.]

[You’re imagining things.]

[Honestly, there are times you shouldn’t lie to yourself, Cordy. I think Wendy doesn’t suit my brother

[Don’t say that, Zoe. And definitely not now.]

Cordy had just texted that when Zoe called her.

She answered it, and Zoe seemed to muster her courage to say, “Zoe, I think I’d regret it if I don’t get
this off my chest…”

Cordy pursed her lips.

She actually knew what Zoe would say, but did not stop Zoe-much to her own surprise.

’I still want to try to get you together with John one last time,” Zoe said. ’ I’m really convinced that both
of you would regret the rest of your life if you truly miss out on each other. Have you thought about it?
The two of you kept splitting and reconciling for years, and there had been so many external factors
that kept you apart, but you’ve now decided on your own that you should be apart? I really don’t think
it’s worth it.”

Cordy laughed quietly. “Factors notwithstanding, certain things are gone once you miss out. That’s the
case for me and John-destiny just isn’t on our side.”

It had never once crossed her mind again that it was possible for her and John to get together again.

Even if her feelings felt ruffled-and she felt irritated, even-she would never think about it.

“Screw destiny! It’s just the both of you being spineless!” Zoe snapped angrily. “If only one of you would
make a move, things wouldn’t be in this sorry state. Both of you obviously still love each other!”


Before Cordy could argue, Zoe continued ranting with increasing indignation, “Don’t bother denying it.
I’m not smart, but I can tell that both of you still have feelings for each other and are trying to hide it! I
don’t know what either of you went through, but now that things are the way they were, why won’t you
two be together?”

“Did you forget that John is getting married? He has someone he loves,” Cordy reminded her.

“John doesn’t love her at all,” Zoe breathed slowly and clearly.

“Then why would he marry Wendy?”

“Have you heard of the term ‘compromise’? He has no choice! Or maybe he didn’t dare to make a
move on you because you’ve been distant and had to divert his feelings to another woman.”

“That’s what you think,” Cordy said calmly. “He has really been good to Wendy.”

So good, in fact, that he insisted on marrying Wendy even when she made it clear that Wendy was
cheating on him.

“Like I said, he just wanted to use Wendy to distract himself from his feelings for you! He doesn’t want
to burden you!” Zoe insisted.

“You’re not him, Zoe…”

“Fine, then let me put you this way-are you going to do nothing but watch while he marries scum like
Wendy Crane?!” Zoe asked sharply.

Cordy pursed her lips but decided that she was fine with it.

She was not the one getting married anyway, and she had already warned John.

He was the one who doubted her, and that made it his own responsibility, did it not?

“You can talk to John yourself if you can’t bear to see it happen,” Cordy said evenly.

“I wouldn’t want your help if I could get through to him,” Zoe snorted, speechless. “I might’ve said that
he deserves to be deceived, but I still tried to talk to him in private. He refused to listen at all.”

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