Only Forever

Page 115

Chapter 35
Wrong – when your head is so far up your ass you can’t see what’s right in front of you
“Are you going to chase after them?” I ask Ellery as we stand watching Beckett and Lilac drive off.
“Nah. We were only giving her a hard time.”
“I wasn’t only giving her a hard time,” Ashlyn declares. “But big guy here won’t let me go in pursuit.”
“It’s Juniper and Maverick’s engagement party,” Rowan reminds her. “You should stay here and celebrate with them.”
She motions toward the end of the baseball field where the engaged couple is sneaking off. “I don’t think Juniper and Maverick are going to be around for much longer.”
He tries another tactic to distract her. “I thought you wanted to play with the foxes?”
“Holy cow! Have you seen them? They’re the most adorable foxes in the world with their gigantic ears. Let’s go pet them.”
She yanks on her husband’s hand and tugs him toward the enclosure for the foxes.
“I better go check on Willow,” Ellery says and walks off leaving me alone with my sisters.
“I wish Olivia were here,” I say.
Cassandra frowns. “Why? So she can ruin Beckett’s day?”
“She doesn’t ruin things on purpose.”
She snorts. “You’re so naïve,” she says before she pets the top of my head like I’m a doll and walks off.
Elizabeth wraps her arm around my shoulder. “Don’t listen to her. She’s just jealous of Beckett and Lilac.”
“Now,” one of the elderly ladies wearing a t-shirt with the words Gossip Gal Party Helper on it says as she joins us, “we have a list for you.”
“Excuse me? Who are you?”
She gestures toward the group of women with her. “We’re the women who are going to fulfill all your wishes.”
All my wishes? Can she rid me of my shyness and make me not afraid of my own shadow?
“Are you a genie? I don’t see your bottle.” Elizabeth pretends to search the ground for a bottle.
“We’re not genies,” says another woman. “We’re the best dang matchmakers this town has ever seen.”
“And I have a list of possible matches for you.” The first woman waves a piece of paper in the air. “First off, Phoenix.”
At the name Phoenix, my heart increases, and my belly dips. The goat farmer is gorgeous with a capital G. Plus, he’s gentle with his animals. I might have a bit of a crush on him.
“Phoenix doesn’t want to be matched,” I tell them.
“Which is why we should match him first.”
“He should know better than to think he can tell us what to do.”
While the women bicker amongst themselves, Elizabeth pushes me behind her. “Go,” she whispers. “Escape. I’ll hold them off.”
I rush off before the ladies realize I’m leaving. I’m drawn to the enclosure with the goats. I wonder if Pan is here, although I’m not sure I’d recognize her.