Only Forever

Page 112

“I haven’t said a word.” Elizabeth’s nose wrinkles. “Except I did say five words. Oh wait, now it’s more.”
Cassandra snorts. “Awkward girl strikes again.”
Ruby frowns at her. “We don’t use the word awkward in reference to a person,” she scolds.
Cassandra’s cheeks darken and she mumbles, “Sorry.”
“Can I announce who the new CTO is now?” I ask before they start another inane conversation.
Lilac motions for me to carry on. “Go ahead, although I still don’t understand why you’re doing this at Juniper and Maverick’s engagement petting zoo.”
“My wedding circus celebration was better,” Ashlyn claims.
So much for them not getting into another inane conversation.
“I asked Maverick permission to make an announcement. Now—”
“What?” Ashlyn’s screech cuts me off. “Maverick knows what your grand gesture is. No fair.” She gazes up at her husband. “Do you know?”
I tap on the microphone to gain her attention. “Maverick doesn’t know what I’m going to say.”
She wags her finger at me. “You don’t know how lucky you are. You’d look good with a clown face.”
“You can’t break into his house. He has a biometric locking mechanism,” Lilac tells her.
“Challenge accepted!”
Shit. I make a mental note to have the security company come out next week to review the security on my house.
I tap on the microphone again. This time I don’t ask if I can announce anything. I just go ahead and say it.
“I’d like to congratulate Lilac West on her new position as CTO of Clean Mountain Environment.”
“Whoo-hoo!” Juniper waves her arms around in a victory dance. “I knew you’d prove Lilac wrong.”
Lilac appears adorably confused. “But I quit my position with the company.”
“And now you have a new position.”
“But…” She flaps her arms like their wings.
I jump off the stage and walk to her. I cup her chin. “This way we can be together.”
“Who had today as the proposal date?” Sage shouts, and I realize we’re standing in the middle of a crowd.
I release her face and tag her hand before drawing her away from the rush of people. When I stop at the tennis court, Lilac shakes her head.
“You need to go further if you want to get away from them.” She indicates the crowd following behind us.
“Where do you suggest?”
“My place.”
“Boo!” Feather yells. “How are we supposed to eavesdrop? She lives on the second floor.”
“She has a balcony,” Ashlyn says.
Rowan growls. “You are not climbing on Lilac’s balcony.”