Only Forever

Page 101

“She should report to the Chief Technology Officer,” Stan points out. “But that position has been open for over a year now.”
“It’s immaterial as to whether she should report to the CTO or not as there is no CTO and she’s been reporting directly to Beckett who is carrying on a relationship with her,” Leonard sums up.
“It’s more than a relationship. We’re in love and we plan to marry.” At least, I plan to marry Lilac as soon as I can convince her to say yes.
He frowns. “That changes things. When is your wedding planned?”
Shit. I didn’t think he’d ask me. “We haven’t set a date yet.” Technically I’m not lying. We haven’t set a date yet.
“I’ve heard enough. I move we vote whether to remove Beckett Dempsey from his position as CEO of Clean Mountain Environment. Who seconds the motion?”
Norman raises his hand. “I second.”
“Those in favor of removing Beckett Dempsey from his position raise your hands.” He raises his hand and Norman joins him.
“Those opposed.”
Stan and I raise our hands.
“You haven’t voted,” Leonard accuses Doris.
“I abstain.”
Hell. We’re in deadlock, which means the chairman of the board has the deciding vote.
“What about the shareholders?” I ask before Leonard can fire me.
“The shareholders have delegated the power to fire the CEO to this board.”
I grind my teeth. “I am aware. Have you asked their opinion on this matter?”
“I’m confident they’ll agree.”
I wouldn’t be so confident if I were him.
I throw out the only offer I have. “I’ll agree to go on unpaid leave until you consult with the shareholders.”
He frowns. “This is highly unusual. I have the power to remove you from your position.”
“Yes,” I agree. “But if the shareholders disagree with your decision, they have the power to reinstate me.” Which I’m confident they will. “It will injure our image if I’m removed and then reinstated.”
It will also weaken Leonard’s authority. Ever since he was appointed Chairman of the Board last year, he’s been obsessed with power. His obsession is about to come to an end, though. I’m going to make certain of it.
“It’s a good compromise,” Stan says.
Norman nods. “I agree.”
Leonard grinds his teeth. “Fine,” he grunts. “You’ll take an unpaid leave of absence while I consult with the shareholders on the matter.” When I don’t move, he motions to the door. “Your leave of absence begins now.”
I’m going to enjoy firing him, I think as I march out of the room.