Only Forever

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Chapter 30
Lie – only untrue until you change someone’s mind
“Here you go.”
I glance up to find Brandi entering my office and scowl at her.
“What are you doing here?”
We’re not supposed to have any contact until HR finishes its investigation into her sexual harassment complaint. We both know the complaint is bullshit, but rules are rules as Lilac would say.
“Just making sure you’re ready for today’s board meeting,” she says with a smirk.
She’s never been worried about me being ready for a meeting before despite having been my PA. I should have listened to Lilac and fired the woman the first time she showed up for work fifteen minutes late wearing yesterday’s clothes and smelling of a whisky distillery. I didn’t and now I have to live with the consequences.
“Thank you,” I begrudgingly thank the woman for the file she sets on my desk.
“See ya around.” She waves as she leaves. “Or not.”
I frown. She’s acting stranger than usual. I let thoughts of Brandi go as I review the file to confirm I have all the information I need for the board meeting. I glance through the second quarter figures with a nod. It’s all here.
I check the time. Fifteen minutes before the meeting begins. Just enough time to stop by Lilac’s office and bother her.
She sighs when her office door clicks shut behind me. “You seriously don’t understand the concept of keeping a secret.”
“And you seriously don’t understand the appeal of sneaking around.”
She frowns at my words. “Am I appealing because I’m forbidden? Is that why you think you love me?”
I growl as I grasp her hands and haul her out of her chair. When her body is plastered to mine, I gaze into her eyes letting all of my love for her show.
“I love you because you’re my Lilac who smells like honey, tastes like sin, and has passion inside of her reserved for my eyes only.” Her eyes dilate at my words, but I’m not done. “I love you because you’re smart, don’t take anyone’s shit, and are loyal to those you love.”
I place a finger over her lips to stop her from speaking. I know she loves me but is afraid to tell me. I’m okay with her hesitation. It will make the words that much sweeter when she finally speaks them.
“Kiss me and wish me good luck at my board meeting.”
Her eyes narrow at my order, but she pushes up on her toes to brush a sweet kiss over my lips. “Good luck, but you do know luck doesn’t exist.”
“Sure, it does. I met you, didn’t I?” I wink and walk out before she has a chance to respond. Luck is not a topic I’m willing to discuss with Lilac.
I enter the boardroom with a smile on my face. I nod to our chairman of the board, Leonard, before taking a seat next to Stan, the COO.
“How is Brandi working out?” I ask him.
He cringes. “How have you not fired her?”
I shrug as I’m unwilling to admit I’m a complete idiot who’s been too busy falling in love over the past year to pay attention to my personal assistant.
Doris, the board secretary, and Norman, the CFO, enter the room and take their seats.
Leonard clears his throat. “Shall we begin? As we’re all here.”
Doris opens her notebook and nods at him to indicate she’s ready.