Only Forever

Page 91

Chapter 28
Coincidences – do not exist according to Lilac
Istop on Lilac’s parents’ porch and turn to address my sisters. “I want all of you on your best behavior today.”
Cassandra rolls her eyes at me, but before she has a chance to answer, the door flies open.
“Why do they have to behave?” Ashlyn asks. “We’re a strict no behaving household.”
I nod to her belly. “I can’t wait until you have a teenager, and we remind him or her of those words.”
“No worries.” She beams at me. “Rowan’s going to be the hard ass. I’m going to be the cool mom.”
“And if you have a girl?”
“What difference does the gender of our child make?”
I chuckle. “You’ll see.”
Lilac arrives and her brow wrinkles in that adorable way she has. “Why is everyone standing on the porch? Did Juniper bring her dog and it has flatulence?”
“My dog does not have flatulence,” Juniper shouts from inside the house.
“Ha! You are such a liar!” Ashlyn rushes off to confront her sister.
“Why has no one properly welcomed you?” Lilac asks.
“He’s family. He doesn’t need to be welcomed into the house,” her mom, Ruby, says.
“Family means—”
“These must be your sisters,” her mom says, cutting off the lecture Lilac was no doubt about to give on the proper definition of family.
Ruby ushers my sisters into the house and shuts the door behind her leaving us standing alone on the porch. Lilac marches toward the door, but I capture her hand and draw her to me.
“Hi, honey,” I whisper against her lips. She sighs and I thrust my tongue past her lips. I drop her hand to wrap my arms around her as I explore her mouth. Her fingers dig into my shoulders, and I shove my hard length into her belly.
She moans and I hitch her leg over my hip. The door opens behind me.
“Here, in case you need some.”
I rip my mouth from Lilac’s to discover Ruby laying a package of condoms on the porch. I groan and place my forehead against Lilac’s.
“No fair, Mom,” Ashlyn shouts. “You know I had twenty bucks on him getting her shirt off before she remembered she was on the porch.”
Ruby winks at us before shutting the door and returning inside.
I lower Lilac’s leg to the floor and kiss her nose. “You ready to go inside?”
She clears her throat. “I am, but are you?” Her gaze dips to the erection pushing against the front of my shorts. “Do you need me to recite non-sexy things until it goes down?”
I chuckle. “What non-sexy things do you have in mind?”
She fishes her phone out of her pocket. “I have the quarterly results here. We can go over the figures.”
Thinking about this week’s board meeting to discuss the results of the second quarter and the projections for the third quarter is exactly what I needed. “I’m good.”